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Removing Burnt Caramel from a Pan


I made caramel but it burned onto the bottom of the pan. How do you remove encrusted solid sugar/caramel from a stainless steel pot?

Denise from Canada



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By Marty 7 60 12/19/2007 Flag

I add carbonated soda (Coke Or Pepsi) to the pot and let it boil. It removes almost any burnt on mess.

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By Katie (Guest Post) 03/06/2008 Flag

Boiling carbonated anything (I used sprite zero) worked like a charm within 30 seconds! I definitely recommend that method!

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By Janice (Guest Post) 03/09/2008 Flag

Thanks, Kate

It worked for me in seconds, I used Diet 7-up!

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By Pot Burner (Guest Post) 10/10/2008 Flag

AMAZING ADVICE on boilibg a carbonated soda. Just a small amount did it. I bow down to your knowledge! Thanks so much.

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By Yasu 1 12/12/2010 Flag

The baking soda method worked! The baking soda dissolves the stuck caramel, I think.

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By bhimes 1 12/12/2013 Flag

The was awesome! I really thought I had ruined my favorite saucepan with burnt toffee, but I boiled a little Sprite in the pot and it came absolutely clean. Thanks for the wonderful advice!

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Archive: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

When making caramel I forgot all about it and it boiled dry and blackened the pot. How do I get it clean. I have soaked and boiled it in vinegar but not a great amount is coming off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Trudy from Australia


RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

You could try boiling water with baking soda in the pan for awhile. I don't usually measure, but dump instead. Never had that problem so don't really know what works. Some people say to put a dryer sheet in the bottom and fill with water and let sit, don't know if that works, but it's worth a try I guess. (11/16/2006)


RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

I have had good luck with burnt foods in pans when I add just a little bit of water, maybe a quarter inch, with a LOT of dishwasher detergent. Make sure it is for the machine and not the sink, and completely cover the bottom of the pan. I use the cheap kind for this. Leave at least overnight, then use a pancake turner and scrape as much out as you can. Repeat several times if you need to. For some reason, I have had better luck with the granule type over the gel or lotion. Hope this helps. (11/16/2006)

By Margie Minard

RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

Put baking soda on the burned areas. You can use a small amount of water but just the soda will help take care of it. Let it sit several hours(all night) (11/16/2006)

By Mary Ann

RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

A dryer sheet in the pan with a little water has always worked for any pan I have tried it in. Let it set overnight. Should come right out. You may have to do it a couple of times. (11/17/2006)

By Mari

RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

I have great luck boiling baking soda on any burnt pans. About 2 large Tablespoons per cup of water. While boiling kind of scrape with a knife . After about a 1/2 hour take a scrubber to it, should lift right off.

Good luck (11/20/2006)

By Savory

RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

I boiled chocolate fondue without stirring until there was a 1/4 inch deposit on the bottom of my favorite glass saucepan. I tried all the "women's remedies," with no result: a fabric softener sheet, vinegar, baking soda, even CLR. Finally -- and I don't mean to be sexist here -- I tried a male-oriented tactic: I soaked the mess in WD-40, and scraped it out with a sharp wood chisel, finishing it with a pumice stone. (01/15/2007)

By Sandman

RE: Removing Burnt Caramel from a Saucepan

Wow, just tried boiling water and baking soda and it worked a treat! Didn't even have to scrape; the burnt milk just gave up! Thanks! (12/01/2007)

By Clean saucepan

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