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Toilet Makes Loud Screeching Noise

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Ever since we had a plumber work on a toilet it makes a horrible screeching sound every time it is flushed. What could be the cause of this issue?

By Bob from Wilmington, NC


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By Vicki [21]06/18/2010

The hose is twisted up. Not a plumber, so don't know what it is called. It's the one that goes from commode into wall, the metal one. Carefully twist it around next time you hear the sound until it stops. I had this in a nice hotel 3 weeks ago and have had it happen in my home in the past.

By Melanie Jackson [1]06/18/2010

Definitely haul that plumber back to your house and make him fix the problem.

By mcw [79]06/17/2010

How long ago did the plumber fix your toilet? The plumber should guarantee his work. Give him a call and explain the problem. You shouldn't have to pay a second time.

By Beatrice [4]06/17/2010

Air getting into the line some where would cause this to happen, even just a pin size hole in the line.

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