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Homemade Butter Flavored Crisco

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Does anybody know how to make your own butter flavor crisco? I have a recipe that calls for that, but have regular shortening, and don't have the money to invest in the butter flavor one. What would the ratio be of butter to shortening to make this? Thank you in advance for suggestions.

Janice from Illinois



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By Shoshie (Guest Post)02/13/2008

Would olive oil work instead of the butter flavored shortening? I'm making chocolate chip cookies.

By Laurie (Guest Post)09/25/2006

I have found butter flavored extract that I would use in different recipes. It is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way.

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)08/03/2006

why not just use butter? i know there will a lot of people that won't agree with me but the fats that have been around for centuries are a lot healthier than the created fats like crisco or any other hydrogenated oils. i would use butter or lard or coconut oil before i would ever use shortening again.

By Allison [16]08/02/2006

I think you can use butter flavored crisco or regular crisco interchangeably with butter, in the same amounts, or maybe you use just a little more crisco. So I'd use half crisco and half butter in the recipe, if it were me.

By Beth [25]08/02/2006

I don't know what the recipe for butter-flavored Crisco is, but I do know the reason shortening and butter are not 100% interchangeable is because real butter is something like 10%water. To substitute you need to do some math and adjust the liquid to solids in your recipe.

By Glenda (Guest Post)08/01/2006

I have often used Blue Bonnet margerine in place of butter flavered Crisco, it tastes great in cookies, cakes, whatever I have used it with. good luck!

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