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Reusing Old Barn and Fence Boards

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Old Barn and Fence Boards Crafts

There are a lot of different projects that one can make out of old weathered barn boards. Now I may be a little behind times here, I don't know if decorating with old barn boards is still in style and frankly I don't care. I love working with the old weather boards, each board has it's own personalty.

There are really two main kinds of boards, most old barns were sided in pine, these boards come in 12 inches widths, and are usually 12 feet long or longer. Then there is fence boards which are mostly cedar and are 6 inches wide and vary in length from 6 to 8 feet long, They both make wonderful material to create one of a kind projects. Now you might be asking where in the world do I find old boards? Old fence boards are more common as most of the old barns have collapsed or have been torn down. The best way to find old boards is to place a wanted ad on Craigslist or call your local fence company and tell them that you would like some old cedar fence boards.

I have made several projects out old fence boards, outside planters, framed mirrors with a western theme, and an old bench that my wife has in the catchall room. I even have an uncle that made all of his kitchen cabinets out old weathered barn wood. In my first house, I created a design on one wall with old boards. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild.

By John from Haysville, KS


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By Belle10/20/2010

Looks great! I try to obtain old wood whenever I can. At my old house, I sanded and painted a row of picket fence and used as a head board in the guest room.

By marion davidson [22]09/16/2010

Innovative idea but don't hang your horseshoes upside down, all the luck runs out!

By christi [93]09/15/2010

I voted for you because I think this is gorgeous. I hope you will post pictures of some of your other projects. I would have loved to have all my kitchen cabinets from this wood, man I bet that was gorgeous. Great job, thanks for sharing your craft!

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