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Starting Our First Family Reunion


I would like information on starting a family reunion.

Tereas from Florida



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By Stella (Guest Post) 03/26/2005 Flag

Choose a meeting place that is some what conveniant or appealing for your family and pick a date. Create invitations and send them out to everyone a few months before the reunion. Some families just have a day event and others find a place to camp for a weekend, you could even combine the two where you camp or go to a hotel for the weekend but have one day set as the Reunion day and those who could not stay the weekend can make it for just that one day.
I hope that helps,

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By Deborah (Guest Post) 07/16/2005 Flag


1. Find families names/addresses in the phonebook.
2. Find nearest Hall and ask for the cost of however many cups, plates etc, what you will need.
3. Start jotting down a list of food and snacks.
4. Start thinking of fun games to play, (like egg and spoon race, potato sack race etc...
5. Write out your Reunion letter to the addresses.
6.Make sure you know exactly how many are coming before ordering the drinks, cups, plates.
7. Have a speech ready for when you are all together.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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By Jeannette. (Guest Post) 09/07/2006 Flag

How do I write a letter to inform my family members that a group of us planning a reunion

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By Norma Liles of Ohio (Guest Post) 08/20/2008 Flag

I think I overdid in helping my two sisters to start a family reunion to honor my now deceased parents of 10. I have a computer so I was able to make invitations, send to relatives and their heirs allowing the main members to conact their heirs. In July 2005, we used a patriotic theme (just a thought), rented a shelter house or an area squad bldg at a nominal price, used cheap plastic tablecloths plus centerpieces; contacted family through mail or telephone. My best to you. Ours continues this year, next month with a fall motif or you don't need one a motif at all. Make a list of those invited so as not to overlook someone. norma

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Question: Wording for a Family Reunion Announcement

We are planning a family reunion and I need to know how to write the first letter, not in full details, but to say we are having one and when. I don't know what else to say after that. Can you give me the format on what to say?

By Felicia

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By Teri Van Hecke 7 110 07/26/2011 Flag

Or, you can start with a "save the date" announcement, with details to follow!

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