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Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

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Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

It happens, you are dyeing your hair and either didn't wear gloves or accidentally get some on the skin around your hairline. This is a guide about getting hair dye off skin.

Warning: Some materials are not designed to be used on skin and could cause a chemical burn. Always follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines.


Solutions: Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

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Tip: Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

I used my son's Johnson & Johnson baby body wash the one in the yellow bottle, then I added a bit of sugar to make a light scrub. Within seconds all the hair dye came off my skin, I now make a batch and use it as a body scrub once a week and my skin is super soft.

    By sarahlegault827 [1]

    Tip: Simple Green And Baking Soda For Hair Dye On Skin

    Over the years, I have dyed my hair everything from bright pink to blue black. Along the way, I have also accidentally dyed by ears, my neck,my arms and many other body parts, I won't mention. After trying all of the normal methods, I found that the best way to get dried hair dye off of skin is with a combo of Simple Green and baking soda. Not only will it cut through the dye like a hot knife through butter but it will give you a great exfoliation as well!

    Keep in mind though, that although the Simple Green is a nontoxic biodegradable cleaner, it will strip your hair of any color. So keep it on the skin and off the hair unless you want blond roots! ;) Hope this helps!

    By Roxanne from Richmond, TX

    Tip: Use Conditioner on Hairline Before Dyeing

    I usually put conditioner around my hair line, ears, neck; anywhere I know dye will get. After I'm done dying my hair, it comes right off! No worries if you get some on your hair before dying it, doesn't do any damage. If you are worried, you can just wipe it off the hair.

    By ilma

    Tip: Removing Hair Dye on Skin

    All I ever do is use Palmolive dish soap on a facecloth with hot water and voila! I wipe it off immediately as soon as I am done putting dye all over my hair. This has worked for me always.

      By littlekittykat_69 [1]

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      Here are questions related to Getting Hair Dye Off Skin.

      Question: Getting Hair Dye Off of Skin

      How do you get hair dye off your face?

      By June from Gateshead


      Most Recent Answer

      By Sherri [6]10/07/2011

      Hello... This sounds silly but... Cigarette ashes work great! I went to beauty school (back in the day), and this is what they taught us to use. It works every time. Good luck

      Question: Hair Dye Turns Scalp Pink

      Every time I get my hair colored (I really have white hair and have it colored golden blonde), my scalp gets really pink. What can I do to get rid of the scalp color? Or make it go away sooner?

      By littlebit from Saint Joseph, MI


      Most Recent Answer

      By Kat [7]01/18/2010

      As a former cosmetologist and major allergy sufferer, I can say from more than one viewpoint that the pink scalp is nothing to play around with. When I was a cosmetologist, we were required to do a patch test on all customers any time we changed the brand or shade of hair color we used. If there was a reaction it didn't always mean the customer needed to stay away from color, but that we needed to try a different brand, or even a different shade of the same brand. If the patch test is used and there is any irritation, keep trying until you find one that does not have a reaction; this may even mean bringing your own color to the salon if the ones there all cause reactions.

      If they all cause reactions see an allergist, you may have other sensitivities as well. Do not add anything to the color or just take a benedryl without first trying to alleviate the problem, as this is the least dangerous option. Danger? I know someone who would pop benadryl when she had a reaction and one day she had to take 4 doses before the reaction slowed, 4 doses is a day's worth, and she had to take them all within maybe an hour, next time she may not be so fortunate. Also, have you ever seen a full-blown allergic scalp reaction to a chemical such as color or perm? Horrible to see, painful for its victim, and the effects are lasting.

      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Skin

      I dyed my boyfriend's hair and he has hair dye all on his forehead and ears. We have tried everything to get it off; any other tips?

      By Rebecca

      Most Recent Answer

      By Barbara03/28/2013

      I get my hair colored at the local beauty school. They use something called Sea Breeze on a cotton ball. Works great. You can buy it at any drug store or Walmart.

      Question: Getting Red Hair Dye Off Your Forehead

      I've dyed my hair and now I have a red ring of dye still on my head. How do I remove it? I need help ASAP!

      By Jaki from London

      Most Recent Answer

      By ble37305/12/2012

      We learned the hard way. Once it sets, hand lotion works best.

      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Hands

      Last night I dyed my hair black and I was in such a rush that I didn't even realize I hadn't put the gloves on. Now my hands and nails are dyed black. I've gotten some of it off, but there's still some there that I can't get. How do I get the rest off?

      By Deja from Goliad, TX

      Most Recent Answer

      By Fishercat [5]02/11/2012

      A few thoughts:

      **IF** your hair dye smells like ammonia, you could try using a weak ammonia solution: put 1 or 2 capsful in a quart of warm water and wash your hands with that. Ammonia's fairly toxic, and it'll be really hard on your skin, so if it doesn't come off quickly, don't leave your hands soaking in it for long. Rinse REALLY thoroughly and moisturize the heck out of them afterwards. They'll need it.

      You could also try coating your hands with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil, letting that soak in for a bit, and seeing if the dye comes off when wiped on a paper towel or washed with soap.

      Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach and safe to use on skin. Dump a bottle into a bowl and soak your hands for a while.

      Worst-case scenario, nothing works: Paint your fingernails *black or navy blue, and every few days, scrub your hands with a paste of sugar and vegetable oil before washing them with soap. That'll get rid of the dead skin cells on your hands, and speed up the fading of the dye as the new skin comes to the surface. As a bonus, your hands will feel like silk afterwards.

      Good luck!

      *I'm suggesting colors that won't contrast a lot with the dyed skin, which is not true of, say, dark red.


      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Skin

      brown hair dye on handsMy crazy daughter dyed her friend's hair dark brown, without gloves! It is 2 weeks til prom and her hands look like she dipped them in old engine oil!

      By Shasha

      Most Recent Answer

      By ishvi05/11/2015

      Mix equal parts baking soda and dishwashing liquid. If you have lemon add that juice also. Apply the mixture to a damp washcloth. Rub it onto the affected area until the stain has lifted. Rinse off the mixture with warm water. Apply some lotion because baking soda makes skin dry.

      Question: Removing Dye from Dog's Skin

      The groomer dyed my dog's hair red (did not know until she was picked up). Well now her skin is dyed and can't get it out. Any suggestions? It has been 3 months now.

      By Teresa

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kat [7]04/18/2014

      Since you didn't know they were going to dye your pup, if I were you I would take the pup back and have them remove any remaining dye, and without charge. That wasn't very professional of them, to just dye the dog without the owner asking for it.

      Question: Hair Dye on Skin

      Can hair dye change the color of a mole near my neck?

      By littlebluegirl1973 from MD

      Most Recent Answer

      By Grandma J [46]11/15/2013

      If you are asking if this can change it permanently, no. Temporary hair dye might slightly change it IF you concentrate on leaving the dye on the mole. If it has changed on its own or you don't see if change back to normal in a few days, get it checked out. That is the kind of mole that could seriously be something else.

      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Hands

      How do I remove dark purple hair dye from my hands?

      By Robin O.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Pam Griffis [4]06/09/2011

      Don't know if this will work, but it removed self-tanner that had turned the palms of my hands orange.Try soaking them in a little Clorox. Then wash well. You may have the smell a little while. lemon juice may help cut it.

      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Hands

      My sister just dyed her boyfriend's hair and got hair dye all over her hands. She tried bleach, toothpaste and baking soda, and this special salon product made to take off dye, but nothing worked.

      Men's hair dye is stronger and different from women's. It is harder to take off because it is much stronger. That is why you only leave it on for 5 minutes, unlike for women's hair dye which has to stay on fro 10 minutes. Anyway, what can she use to get men's hair dye off hands, eye brows, and head? Please help.

      By lal22

      Most Recent Answer


      First, men's hair color is not stronger than womens hair color. The difference in hair colors is the strength of the 'developer' (Lower volume developer covers more quickly and permanently because it doesn't 'lift' but rather 'deposits' the color). In any event here's the advice I gave to someone else today but the difference in advice for you is to not use on the eyebrows themselves or scalp or those hairs will be greatly lightened:

      First, it doesn't make a bit of difference how much of a dark/darker color (paint as you call it) was mixed because it would have stained your hands no matter what because you didn't wear gloves. ;-) Since the Clean Touch you tried didn't work then go back to the beauty supply and get 40% volume hydrogen peroxide because it has the highest 'lift' (don't even bother with the 3% volume you get at the pharmacy). Wet your dry hands down well with it and 'lightly' rub a dub dub for a minute or two. You may need to repeat another time or two but it will get rid of most, if not all, of the stain. Wash your hands afterward and use some lotion while your hands are still damp so your skin is moisturized. I was a hairstylist for 35 years and my specialty was as a chemical technician.

      Question: Getting Hair Dye Off of Skin

      How do I get hair dye off of my neck and face?

      By Diana T from Port Orchard, WA

      Question: Removing Hair Dye from Hands

      I have tried the baking soda, salt, ashes, peroxide, and toothpaste, and nothing has worked. What should I do? I even tried bleach; I've tried literally everything.

      By Neena C.


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      Archive: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I dyed my mother's hair and I got it all over the side of her face, hairline and ears. I need to know how to get it off. Please help me.


      Archive: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      How do you remove black hair dye from skin?


      Archive: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      How do you get hair dye off of your skin?

      Steve from Blair, NE

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I am also a hairdresser. Permanent wave solution. (03/18/2009)

      By SophiaMia

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      My cousin dyed her brother's hair with red dye and had red dye all over her fingers. We tried everything lemon juice, toothpaste, ashes, shampoo, and finally my grandmother decided to Spray N Wash stain remover the stick kind and my cousin rubbed for five minutes, but finally it came off. There was no burn or itchiness afterward. (07/12/2009)

      By cheryl_mitchell1992

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I dyed my beard very black last night. Got dye all over my skin and it wouldn't come off. I tried the toothpaste and baking soda (threw in a dash of lemon juice for good measure). Worked like a charm with a little scrubbing. Left the face a little red though. Give yourself time to recover before going out in public. (07/27/2009)

      By KenPaul66

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      You can buy hair dye remover for skin at Sally's. (08/04/2009)

      By lorraina

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I dyed my hair onyx black and used petroleum jelly around my hairline, but still had a little staining after rinsing. I tried the toothpaste suggestion and it worked great. I think something with an exfoliant to gently scrub is best. And now my face is also minty fresh. (08/27/2009)

      By tiggyann333

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      If the color is fresh, try using Windex on a cotton ball. It's important when you first remove the color, wet the hair with water and rub the color, especially around the hair line or your brows. Whatever you are coloring. Usually that removes the stain from skin. Color removes color. (10/08/2009)

      By Kath7959

      Archive: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      Will black permanent hair dye wear off the skin? If so how long will it take? Otherwise how can you get it off?

      By Maryanne from Rockingham, WA

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      There's a product you can get at Sally Beauty Supply called Roux Clean Touch. Just put some on a cotton cloth and rub gently. I used it for the entire thirty years I was a hairstylist. And, yes, the color stain will eventually go away if you don't do anything because we slough skin cells daily, but it takes awhile for the stain to be completely gone this way. (11/20/2009)

      By Deeli

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      If you still have the box, call the toll-free number on it and they should be able to give you suggestions. (11/20/2009)

      By Maryeileen

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      Rubbing alcohol and a rag. On heavy, really heavy areas it will only lighten. Daily scrub with a loofa sponge. (11/22/2009)

      By kmkjc2000

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I just finished using one of the suggestions I read and it worked for me. I used the toothpaste on a brush with tiny bristles without water. I washed that off then used it again with a tiny bit of water (not so much that it suds) and voila. It's gone. Toothpaste is abrasive and tingled a bit so I used a wash rag with lots of water to gently wash the skin. Good luck. (11/30/2009)

      By denric

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      Probably depends on the brand of hair dye, but I used tea tree oil, worked straight away, no issue no fuss. (12/01/2009)

      By katherinethegr8

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      My daughter just died her hair bright blue and it was all over her ears, face, hands, and neck. I took a teaspoon of toothpaste, cigarette ashes, and shampoo mixed it all together and applied with a tooth brush. It required very little scrubbing and it all came off. 30 seconds was all it took and it was a dark stain. (02/04/2010)

      By mother 0f 8

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      If you're like me and broke till payday and dyed your hair and need something around the house. I used blue/black permanent dye and got it everywhere this time. Now I have it all over and the worst is my left hand, it's so bad my nails are completely stained black and the skin is gonna take along time to completely get off. I first tried the bleach method "seems to be most popular" Clorox brand. Soaked my hand and scrubbed for over 5 minutes.

      This helped slightly, but I barely noticed a difference and 15 minutes later my hand was hurting, red, and felt hot. I just irritated it. Next I tried Cutex nail polish remover. It works, but not that great I had stains on arms and legs too. It just got rid of surface dye, but the deep penetrated staining had to go. I searched through the posts. If I had had a Magic Eraser I may have tried it, but like I said on a budget at the moment and needed something.

      My final attempt here I read about the Lysol Disinfectant Wipes. My right hand is completely clean. They work, you have to rub them for a bit "over 5 minutes for hard stains" but it works at least. Made my skin slightly more irritated, but they are non abrasive and cleaned everywhere else nicely. I showered and washed with soap twice. My left hand is still shaded and so are the nails. When it calms down I'm gonna do more wipes again. Everything I had was around the house didn't have to buy anything. Good luck. (02/06/2010)

      By missamber

      RE: How to Get Hair Dye off of Skin

      I dyed my hair and I usually can wash if off, but this time I had dark spots on my face and neck. I ended up trying the Mr. Clean Eraser. It did work, but it is burning my skin currently. I guess maybe it feels like a derm abrasion. (02/28/2010)

      By AndieP