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Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent for Clean Laundry


I started using Tide with Febreeze to tackle sweaty workout clothes. It did the trick, so I used it on all my family's laundry. Only problem is one of my daughters had a allergic skin reaction to it. So I looked for a sensitive skin/fragrance free laundry detergent. I decided to try Arm and Hammer since it stated it was dermatologist tested and was free of dye and perfume. That did the trick! But the best part is that my towels no longer have that moldy odor!

A friend told me never to put dryer sheets in with towels, because it makes them less absorbent. That seems to be working too! To think I was about to go buy all new towels!



By Pat Giles 958 02/01/2008

I have been using Arm and Hammer detergent for several years now and believe it's better than Tide and much cheaper! Also, I was told some time ago about not using dryer sheets with towels. Glad you finally found out about both of those things. God bless you!

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By (Guest Post) 02/01/2008

Hey Janet, I just recently started using Arm and Hammer as well and I must admit that I really like it, and I as well was a Tide user. My clothes come out clean,fresh and they smell good, too. I think we have found a winner!
Teresa from Va.

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By (Guest Post) 02/01/2008

Also, if using liquid fabric softener, go easy on the quantity if you have towels in the load. Too much will make the towels nonabsorbent.

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By LAnBfflo 15 02/02/2008

When my daughter was born, I started using Tide Free because of a baby's sensitive skin. Tide is the only detergent I can use because of allergies, even close contact sometimes bothers me. Sometimes the Tide didn't deodorize the clothes, so I would add a couple scoops of baking soda (deodorizer, right?). Sometimes that didn't work for my husband's really smelly work clothes. My friend told me about vinegar. I would add about a cup of vinegar (sounds weird, I know) to the wash.
It deodorized the clothes, and no, nothing smelled like vinegar. Plus, vinegar kills germs, too.

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By Barbara Snyder (Guest Post) 02/02/2008

Only problem with that is I love the new tide with lavender and vanilla. I am just a freak about vanilla the smell is sooo calming. I even buy those french vanilla candles. P.S. I also am very picky about my candles I just have to have the french vanilla not plain but french.

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By Keeper 58 1,056 02/03/2008

Janet,I went to using white vinegar in the final washer rinse,about 1c,I no longer use dryer sheets.So I took all my towels(washed alone)put them thru a wash,and the final rinse add the 1c.white vinegar then into the dryer.No smell and almost brand new,so I did another washthen dry again.Works for me!!

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By Holly Burnham 6 02/16/2008

This was a funny topic to read because I have just recently switched to Arm and Hammer after using Tide for years. The Tide was great....but sooooooo expensive. Arm & Hammer is just as effective and it smells so fresh.

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By Roberta. (Guest Post) 02/29/2008

I found Arm & Hammer For Sensitive Skin at my grocery store once, however I have not been able to find it any place since then for over a year. I've looked in our Wal Mart, grocery stores, drug stores but to now avail. How can I find the Sensitive Skin for Laundry? Also, do you have dryer sheets for sensitive skin also?

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By (Guest Post) 06/28/2008

I never thought it would smell as great as it does and it cleans even better.

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By Michelle Good 4 11/17/2008

Another tip I had found on here was to use vinegar in the rinse. That definetly take out the musty smell. Having teen boys and sweaty socks and towels that always smelled "musty" now smell great!

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By Dorina (Guest Post) 11/17/2008

This is for the poster who was looking for the A&H Sensitive Skin. I buy that also as we have sensitive skin too.

I buy mine in Shop Rite. It is on sale a lot too! I stock up. But if your supermarket doesn't carry it, ask them too at the customer service area. I always buy several bottles at the same time - I'm afraid they will run out.

I use white vinegar in the rinse cycle, leaves my clothes soft! Fabric softeners or sheets for sensitive skin are hard to find. I find the vinegar is cheap and works great.

I also use their cat litter (FragFree), and their fabric refresher which leaves a clean scent with out all the perfumes!

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By Susan (Guest Post) 11/17/2008

I used Arm & Hammer sensitive skin formula for years. Always tried to buy it when the supermarket had it on sale. My kids could not tolerate those phony detergent smells. Interestingly, the sensitive skin formula always sold out first. If I did not get to the store before the third day of the week-long sale cycle, I was out of luck: all sensitive skin formula would be gone.

Remember that the scents are made with phthalates, a known carcinogen and you wash those phthalates into the water supply when you use scented detergents.

I now use a bio-degradeable detergent because living alone means that I need two bottles each year.

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By Jeff (Guest Post) 02/01/2009

I have been a nurse for years and my uniforms are always a top priority to me. I one day accidentally washed a red towel in with my uniform and I was using your detergent with oxyclean added. Well to my surprise the red towel did not bleed off on my uniform. So thanks for your detergent and the fact it does not fade colors no cause them to bleed off. And my uniforms are so white they cause my eyes to hurt when I am out in the sun.

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By Bttrfly 11 06/19/2010

When I wash towels and wash cloths I never use liquid softener or dryer sheets. Whenever I did I couldn't dry off very well. I have a bounce softener bar in my dryer and that works great. I can still have soft towels and still dry off good. I had a coupon for a free bounce softener bar and thought I would try it. It has been in my dryer for months and is still working fine.

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By derotha kimbley 1 3 02/26/2011

Several years ago I was itching so badly that I thought I would go crazy. Especially in hot weather. I would even get up at night and take a bath in plain water because that helped a little. I made several trips to a dermatologist with no relief. I finally went to the library and got a book on alergies. They suggested using Arm and Hammer detergent. I washed enough clothes for a couple of weeks and within days I was no longer itching. It really cleans well too.

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