Max (Rhodesian Ridgeback/Chow)

Max with Pooh toy.

Max D. Bear is 15 years old. He is part Rhodesian Ridgeback and part Chow and all sweetheart. We rescued him as a puppy from the local animal shelter.

He likes to play in the yard and play keep away with his toys. He will swipe gum from any purse left unattended, but will leave you one of his bones in its place. Max loves everyone he meets and is a big clown. He always sleeps with a stuffed toy, but is partial to his Winnie the Pooh.

By Travis from Columbus, OH



By Danialle 3 248 05/07/2008

How many Winnie the Poohs has he had over the years? He is a very handsome boy.

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By Pat Giles 05/07/2008

Max is a big sweetie puff! I just love the expression he has on his face - "Winnie and I are just about ready for a nap!" Give Max a big hug and kiss from Missy's Mom and God bless you.

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By Dixiejet (Guest Post) 05/07/2008

Max is one fine young man. I bet he's a sweetie pie,too.

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By Jennifer 10 123 05/09/2008

I can't imagine him being 15 years old. He looks so much younger.What's his beauty secrets? HA! Handsome Max! Surprised to see he doesn't rip up his "stuffies" My Dal takes out all the fluff! She has "skins" not stuffed toys!

Jennifer CA

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By suzette (Guest Post) 05/29/2008

I think I have the same mix tell me what you think, for sure half chow. But she has the line on her back more pronounced when shes around other animals.

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By niki (Guest Post) 11/15/2008

My Cinnamon was a Chow/ridgeback mix that had the Chow coat with the ridgeback and temperment. She loved her cats. Would hide behind me while barking at someone that she didn't know. Lived on my Dad's show pig farm while getting back on my feet and if a pig got loose she would herd the pig back to where it was supposed to be. It was so funny to see her "kiss" the babies and watch a 50 lb dog herd a 300+ lb pig. Great dogs.

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