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Buy Now, Pay Later Websites

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Buy Now Pay Later Websites

Buy now, pay later websites offer an alternative to shopping using a credit or debit card. This is a guide about buy now, pay later websites.


Solutions: Buy Now, Pay Later Websites

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Tip: Buy Now Pay Later at allows visitors to buy now and pay later. They offer great credit options, and say yes when many other credit providers say no. They have great products too from TVs to clothes to furniture.


By RyanW

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Here are questions related to Buy Now, Pay Later Websites.

Question: Shopping Sites Without Credit Check

Where can I shop online and have monthly payments with out a credit check, for really bad credit, etc. I am looking for a site for women's clothing, jewelry, and home stuff. Thanks.

By Lea


Most Recent Answer

By Loretta T.05/11/2014


Question: Buy Now Pay Later Online Stores

Does anyone know of any online shopping stores that do accept shop now pay later, "billmelater" service? I am located in the United States. Thanks.

By Julie


Most Recent Answer

By Brigit11/12/2014

Question: On-line Payments for Buy Now Pay Later Sites

How can you pay your statement on line?

By Donna

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]07/07/2013

What place is it, as it depends on the place you are buying from.

Call the number for the company and ask if you can pay online.

Question: Buying a Laptop on Layaway

I am looking for a lightweight laptop with a 10 key on it also, for my home and business at a affordable price. I would like to pay on layaway, online.

By SC from Modesto, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Amy Singh [3]06/14/2012

Try . (Yes, just as I've typed it, with the dash between "lay" and "away") They may not have the latest models but their prices are pretty fair.

Question: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

Are there any known sites that allow "bill me later" with no credit check to use for Christmas for the kids ?

By EMoore84 from Indianapolis, IN

Most Recent Answer

By RyanW [1]05/03/2012 is the best!

Question: Buy Now, Pay Later Websites

I am looking for online shopping sites that offer installment billing.

By Lora

Most Recent Answer

By RyanW [1]05/03/2012

I use . They have great buy now pay later options on many products.

Question: Buy Now, Pay Later Websites

Do have suggestions for the best websites for buying now and paying layer?

By Sascha from Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [9]11/25/2014

It's good that you're aware of the fees and responsibilities involved. This is mainly a money saving website, though, so people are going to feel bound to point out that there are ways to get around using these expensive sites.
This isn't just for the original poster but for others who may find this later.

Question: Looking for Buy Now Pay Later Companies

Are there any other companies like Country Door or Grandpointe where you can buy now and pay by the month?

By Karla M.

Most Recent Answer

By kerly87 [19]08/23/2011

Blair and Stoneberry are buy now pay later.

Question: Bill Me Later Online Stores

Where can I get guaranteed shop online now and pay later credit?

By jme from Honolulu

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Borrelli [3]02/28/2013

eBay and PayPal together

Question: No Credit Mail Order

Does anybody know of any companies like Popular Club that have name brand merchandise that you can order, receive, and make monthly payments with no credit information given.


Most Recent Answer

By rda (Guest Post)09/09/2007

Go to "Bill Me Later". I purchase things through these companies and make monthly payments. They have a long list of merchants.

Question: Pay Later Online Shopping Sites

I need names of online sites or stores where I can buy now and pay later on a wide variety of items. Or select items. Not Fingerhut, similar though. It's too small. I want something with variety like Fingerhut, but a bigger selection.

By hb.mac

Most Recent Answer

By Carly Bella02/13/2015

Here are the top buy now and pay later store:

Question: Pay Later Websites

ABC Distributing and LTD Commodities do not let you charge anymore. Does anyone know of other sites that do?

By Niki

Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]07/15/2012

With Fingerhut, you have to apply for their credit card.

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Sites

Can someone tell me some for real sites that do pay later with no credit check? I've looked up the sites they tell you to on here, but no luck. Can someone please help!

By Branda

Most Recent Answer

By Amy Singh [3]04/30/2012

Ginnys,, Midnight velvet, Seventh Avenue are all in the same family of companies. They may be what you're looking for. doesn't do payments quite the same way, but divides them up so you could probably still afford them. They do five or six payments depending on the item.

Question: Buy Now and Pay Later Site That Delivers to Ireland

I am looking for a buy now pay later site that delivers to Ireland.

By Sinead

Most Recent Answer


I am pretty sure you can find layaway programs at stores in your area and then you don't have to pay shipping charges or interest and just have to wait to take the merchandise home until it's already paid for.

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Clothing Sites

I am looking for clothes I can get buy now and pay for months later. Please help me find a business that offers this as an option.

By SOR from Cavan

Most Recent Answer


As already mentioned you can apply for credit at most online clothing stores and stores that sell clothing in your area. Please remember that if you plan to make payments you're going to have to pay oodles of extra for interest and shipping costs added to that for online shopping. Perhaps you could consider purchasing at local stores where you can place your purchases on layaway. Most do not charge for that service and even if they do the charge is minimal.

Are you open to trying shopping at Goodwill or Salvation Army type stores like we have here in the United States? I am fairly certain you must have something similar there in Ireland. You would be amazed how just going once every week or so how many great buys you can find by just taking the time to peruse the racks. Among other great buys I've found a hooded Eddie Bauer wind breaker for $5.00, wonderful slacks for just $3.50, etc, etc, etc and all were in like new condition. Oh, and I even found an awesome pair of looked to have never been worn winter shoes and a nice leather strap purse in perfect condition both for a total of $9.00.

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Websites

I am requesting sites using 6 month pay off or buy now pay later. Any suggestions?

By Vicki

Most Recent Answer

By courtney pickell11/04/2014

I love shopping online

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Web Sites

Does anyone know of any sites that still do buy now pay later without a credit check? My credit is not the greatest. I need to get Christmas presents for my daughter. Thanks. .

By Kelli

Most Recent Answer

By Amy Singh [3]12/03/2013

Try Ginny's or Stoneberry

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Sites

I am looking for buy now pay later sites other than Fingerhut.

By Carole from OK

Most Recent Answer

By Amy Singh [3]11/27/2013

Ginny's and Stoneberrry

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Laptop Websites

Which websites offer flex pay or buy now pay later for laptops?

By Amanda

Most Recent Answer


Question: Buy Now Pay Later Websites

I am looking for men's bands that I can buy now and pay for by the month, no credit cards, or down payments. Where can I buy now and pay later?

By Charlotte from De kalb, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [38]08/25/2012

What are men's bands?

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Sites

I am looking for bill me later stores that sell home improvement items and one that sells jewelry. Any suggestions?

By Joann

Most Recent Answer

By Luana M. [82]11/29/2011

The only places I know of that do not charge fees (interest) allow you to make payments, that are safe is Home Shopping Network or Shop NBC. Home Shopping Network I feel has some great deals but not the selection of HSN. Other difference is at HSN you must pay tax's with S&H fees up front (added to first payment). Usually up to 6 equally divided payments after that. Holiday time of year everything has until 1-31-2012 for returns.

I know of QVC (they divide tax S&H into payments). Markdowns, clearance and holiday prices make them all competitively priced.
Shop NBC has many no S&H fees also depending on purchase so many things have no tax.They also have until end of Jan. for returns during holidays.

Since both are in 90 million homes the prices are usually cheaper than buying at the local big store,or with jewelry so many types, price ranges and great deals. Having everything with a guarantee, no interest and always "feed back" from other consumers.

I got my computer that way saved almost $1000.00 with 3 year extended guarantee, software added(no cost). I could never had been able to get a laptop any other way. I look for free shipping and handling, clearance or sale items. I was able to get very nice watches for my son at Shop NBC, with 5 year guarantee. Knowing he could return it if not happy, was very nice. Having it divided into 6 equal payments made it so I could afford it.

Good luck, these are safe, no interest only a debit card required selling the best name brand merchandise. If its not a necessary purchase, I have found for me not being in debt is always best. However for these items I got great deal and I knew I could afford the payments. Blessings!

Question: Buy Now, Pay Later Sites That Ship to the Phillipines

Does anyone know of buy now, pay later sites that cater orders from Philippines?

Thanks. :)

By Pauline from Cebu, Cebu

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Medical Supply Store

I am looking for store or place for medical supplies such as Nicoderm CQ patches and other medical supplies. It needs to be a buy know pay later type store for someone with bad credit and debit.

By James

Question: Catalog Stores That Don't Require a Credit Card

I have heard of websites that don't require a credit card. I'm hoping to find a similar catalog. Any suggestions welcome.

Question: Buy Now Pay Later Sites That Ship to the Philippines

Does anyone know of a bill me later site here in the Philippines?

By Rhobie


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Buy Now, Pay Later Sites Like Ltd. Commodities?

Does anyone know of any companies like Ltd. Commodities and ABC Distributing? Here are suggestions as posted by the ThriftyFun community. These may or may not require a credit card or social security number. If you know of any others or have any other information about these sites, post it below.

RE: Buy Now, Pay Later Sites Like Ltd. Commodities?

Everyone one of these I tried all want a credit card up front (11/26/2007)

By piscesmom

Archive: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

Does anybody know any Buy Now, Pay Later sites where you do not have to use a credit card at all? Mary from WV

RE: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

I use frequently. Pay after received. You have to sign up as a company, so make one up, use your mailing address and shipping address. Can go to site and shop or ask them to send catalogues. One year I ordered all my Christmas stuff from them, in three orders. An item may say price is $xx.xx in groups of 3, Don't need to order 3 to get item at that price. Just order one if that is all you need. Price is the same. (06/18/2008)

By Linda

RE: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

WalMart now has a Buy Now, Pay Later on their web site but they still at least check your credit and I think you can use it at other web sites. (06/18/2008)

By Cindy S.

Archive: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

Are there any companies like where you order and pay after your stuff is shipped?


Archive: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

What are some of the buy now pay later sites?


Archive: Looking for Buy Now, Pay Later Sites

Does anyone know a website that I can do my Christmas shopping using the "buy now and make payments later" option?