Moe The Cat

Moe The Cat

Moe is nine years old. I adopted him from a friend that was moving out of the country. He just sleeps all day. I did not see him the first two weeks I had him. He only came out to eat or use the litter box, but now he loves to sit in my lap.

By Patricia from North Carolina



By Graycrab (Guest Post) 07/16/2007

Moe is a beauty!

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By Stacey Silva 54 466 07/16/2007

What a darling kitty cat!! Love his colors! And he looks so soft!

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By Pat Giles 07/16/2007

He's a pretty kitty! I love his alert ears and his sharp nose. Give him a big hug from Miss Kitty's Mom. God bless you!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 07/16/2007

Moe is very handsome and intelligent looking.
I love that he is a lap cat that is what I always wanted. Hug him for me, he would look very
'smart' in a pair of spectacles. those old wire rimmed
round eyeglasses oh that is it he looks like a library cat very smart and bookish!!

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By Pat (Guest Post) 07/16/2007

Thanks for your compliments.
Moe has become 'attached' to me now, but still goes in hiding when someone comes over. I close friend was here over the weekend and did not even beleive I had a cat. She finally saw him very late Sunday night, but only a glimpse. I shall have to post a body shot of him so you can see how big he is.

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