Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green Worms


I want to know what is eating my hibiscus tree. It is a green worm like insect. It is eating the leaves. I have put soapy warm water on them and it does slow them down. I want to naturally get rid of them. Does anyone have any idea what they are and how can I get rid of them?

By Sue


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By Verna K. 1 08/02/2013

I had a problem for years with the green worms on my hiabiscus and I tried everything. Then last year I planted tomato plants next to the hibiscus and I planted marigolds under the bush and I have no more of these worms. So I feel the marigolds worked. So for everyone out there with the same problem you may want to plant marigolds under your bush. I hope this helps It did for me. lilac 10

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Archive: Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green Worms

I need some help. We have several hibiscus plants and every year they are attacked by something that eats the leaves, they look like tiny green worms and they leave the leaves looking like lace. The plant continues to grow and flower, but the plant looks terrible. We have tried everything, can someone tell us what this is and how to take care of it?


RE: Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green Worms

Have you tried using soapy (with Palmolive green) water? Try it every couple of days for a week or two and if they are anything akin to things like aphids, they will disappear. (05/17/2005)

By lahlbrand

RE: Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green Worms

I mix dish soap and water and spray the leaves, every couple of days. This works on most bugs; just a little soap goes a long way. (05/17/2005)

By Susan from Hamilton

RE: Protecting My Hibiscus Plant From Little Green Worms

You can buy B.T. (bacillus thuriengisis) at any nursery. It's actually a bacteria that gets into almost every kind of above-ground worm and kills it dead. We use it routinely for cabbage, brussel sprouts, any greens, and even rhubarb. I don't see any reason it wouldn't work on your hibiscus. The best part is, it's totally harmless to any other life form, including kids and pets. (05/18/2005)

By Coreen

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