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Makeup That Adds Shine to Your Face


Years ago I had makeup that left a nice shine, or glow on my face after it was applied. I really don't remember what brand it was. Does anyone have any suggestions for a brand that does this? It was such a fresh-looking sheen on my face. I'd love to find something that does that again!

Carol from Northwestern Ont., Canada



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By Kendy 5 130 12/18/2008 Flag

Carol, have you tried any of the mineral foundations? There are many different brands out there now, some have more of a sheen than others, but they all seem to provide a fairly natural look and you can get lots of coverage if you just apply it a little heavier.

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By az2010 (Guest Post) 12/21/2008 Flag

Try Avon. They have many different ideas.

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By Carol in PA (Guest Post) 12/21/2008 Flag

I totally agree with you. Imho, too many makeup products go for that matte finish. I thought I was the only person who preferred a dewy, new-bride look to her face. (smile)

Good luck on finding the product you want.

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By Joyce (Guest Post) 12/21/2008 Flag

Look for makeups that have the word "radiance" as part of the name. Those usually provide a good glow.

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By Cathy from Townsville, Qld (Guest Post) 12/21/2008 Flag

It would be Revlon - they have a shimmery loose face powder, as well as a foundation. If you can't find that, the 'Australis' brand has a similar face powder for a third of the price of the Revlon one. I love them! Try your department store makeup section to try them out.

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By Peechee (Guest Post) 12/21/2008 Flag

Hi there! My name is Peechee and I am a Natural Beauty Consultant. I help women and their families lead a healthier lifestyle using natural products. So with that...

Oh no! Please don't use AVON. If you read up on their ingredients in their products, they are very toxic to the skin. Some are hormone altering and some have been linked to cancer. That's the reason why they can't even be a member of the safe cosmetics (dot) org campaign. Check out that site to find approved companies. Only way to become approved is to go through a lot of testing to make sure all products offered by the company is natural, safe, harsh chemical free and toxin free.

On with the "shine"... try mineral make-up. But be careful. Even if it says mineral, they may have added the "bad" stuff in there. You have to read your labels carefully. Check out this site to learn about some of the "bad" ingredients and what they can do to you - natural beauty and spa dot com (all one word - no spaces) There you can click on the link to go to Beautiful Diva. They sell mineral make-up that is organic and botanical. None of the harsh and toxic ingredients are included. It's all natural. Two products that can help give you the shine would be the transluscent veil or the Pressed Sheer Radiance with natural SPF 8.

Here's what it states about the pressed sheer radiance...Hypoallergenic. Skin glistens like morning dew with this extraordinary complexion enhancer. More than a simple powder, Mineral Sheer Radiance provides treatment, protection and sheer coverage all-in-one. Infused with earth-sourced minerals known for their gentle, non-irritating properties, this skin enhancer is the ideal choice for sensitive and post-op skin. Not only does this formula feature light reflectors to minimize flaws and dark spots, but it also offers strong resistance against sun damage.

Good luck with your search and please, please... read your labels and stay away from the "bad" ingredients. If not for yourself, for the children as they are the most susceptible.

"Green on the Skin is In" - Go Green!

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By littlegirl (Guest Post) 12/26/2008 Flag

Lancome has a few different formulas including an oil free make-up that will give the perfect luminescence look.

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By jmouse13. (Guest Post) 12/28/2008 Flag has a wonderful shimmer lotion. Everyone knows how good Aloe Vera is for a person, inside and out. I use many of their products and have for years. Look their site up and check it out. I know you would love their shimmer lotion, and it is good for the skin.

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By Patti 1 01/06/2009 Flag

Feather light mineral veil from Bare Essentials is fabulous for that look! I love ALL the Bare Escentuals products, it's all I'll use.

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By kathleen (Guest Post) 01/16/2009 Flag

I've been using vaseline on my face, arms & legs all my life. Pat your face after the vaseline, it will soak into your skin. Apply baby powder on face on top of the vaseline then cover girl liquid make up from Dollar store. I have no wrinkles. Good luck.

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By Shannon (Guest Post) 01/17/2009 Flag

Use your regular makeup. Then light powder, then spray your face very lightly ( a ways away from your face)with a hair shine product (glossing spray only $3 to $4 a bottle at wal-mart and it will last a long time) make sure not to spray to much on. It'll give you a more youth full glow instead of older dryer makeup looking skin. It works well for me.

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By Frances Adams 11 554 04/07/2009 Flag

Irene Gari 'Underglow' Makeup is available at You can use it under, over, or in place of foundation. It gives a nice glow---I have to 'cut the glow' but putting a little loose powder on top, as my skin tends to get oily later in the day. It is about $6 the last time I ordered.

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