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Hickory Smoke Salt Recipe

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I'm looking for any recipes on how to make hickory smoke salt. Stores don't carry it anymore.

Melanie from Canada



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By Dave Van De C.08/16/2013

I make my own Hickory smoked salt. It is so easy to do.

By vieja (Guest Post)01/01/2009

I found it finally at our local Smith's grocery & it is the same Spice Islands mesquite flavored salt as I had remembered. Some of the other was a damp-like rub ... not a salt.

By jb (Guest Post)12/31/2008

I was on this post earlier this week because I was having trouble finding it and just wanted to report that I found some at Roundy's/Rainbow here in Minneapolis, MN. It is McCormick's Smoked Flavor Sea Salt in one of the grinders.

By Shawne (Guest Post)07/20/2008

I bought some through when I discovered it was no longer available in the stores and their product tasted great but clumps up TERRIBLY! Going to try A1l Spices next time. Think it's cheaper too.

By Jack (Guest Post)05/19/2008

I found it at A1 Spice World 16 oz. for 6.19 or 34oz for 10.89<br>

By Jack (Guest Post)05/19/2008

I found it at A1 Spice World 16 oz. for 6.19 or 34oz for 10.89<br>

By marilyn (Guest Post)04/19/2008

shazam: Super K-Mart here doesn't carry the smoke salt I found out today. Thanks for the tip though! Making my own sounds like a job but guess if I really want some that will be the way I have to get it! Can't believe it was so available for years here til recently!

By Ruth (Guest Post)04/19/2008

Hi I found this at the Spice House just after reading this thread. 4 ounces for 4$

By (Guest Post)04/15/2008

Thank you Shazam! I will try our local K-Mart (don't have any Super K Marts with a large grocery section though)!

- vieja

By Shazam (Guest Post)04/13/2008

I found some at Super K-Mart just this past week. It is Durkee brand Hickory Smoke Salt. They are small bottles that were 3 for $5. We used it this past weekend and it was just what we were looking for.

By marilyn. (Guest Post)03/06/2008

I too have been trying to find the small spice jars of hickory smoke salt in the grocery; I just can't find it anywhere anymore! Any ideas where it is still available or why it has been discontinued? Think my last shaker jar was a Kroger brand.

By Antoinette Perry [4]09/28/2007

Try the Amish web sites I get mine from there.

By melanie (Guest Post)01/29/2007

just a query Syd, how much liquid smoke to how much salt?

By Syd (Guest Post)01/26/2007

I made mine by mixing some Colgin's Liquid Smoke to some salt. Dried it in a metal cake pan in 200°oven for a short time.

I have also done this to make colored sugars.

Make sure it is dry before putting it in your jar.

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