How Can Kids and Young Adults Make Money?

Children and young adults often have difficulty finding ways to make some money for things they would like to buy or for savings. This is a guide about how can kids and young adults make money?

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My daughter is 12 years old and she really wants to earn money fast. I don't know what she can do. She wants to work for money, and I don't know what.

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You can sigh up your daughter for newspapers or she can walk some dogs for 5.00$

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A 12 year old could accompany a senior citizen of whom they are acquainted with on a shopping trip to the grocery store and assist them in fulfilling their list of items that needed to be purchased, children can locate items in the store without the senior citizen to have to push the grocery cart through out the store. Also loading groceries sacs into the car and unloading and assisting putting away the groceries in the kitchen is very helpful. This job would require conversations between the parents of the 12 year old and the senior citizens to discuss duties and a pay scale for this type of job.

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February 24, 2012 Flag
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My daughter is 13 and keeps asking to do babysitting. I don't really know if I should, because what if something happens (eg. child starts to choke). She really wants to start earning her own money.
Please help.

By someone

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They have official and simple baby sitting trainer courses through a lot of schools, churches, and communities. You should look into it. She could get certified. They also teach CPR.

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I think you should consider letting your child try baby sitting. Just give her some "musts" for any sitting job she takes.

Must 1 - get the information of where the parent or parents are going and have a phone number for that location

Must 2 - get a cell phone number from the parent or guardian as well. This is not the same as the first 'must'. Some people talk so much on their cell phone that most of the time you try to call them the line is busy.

Must 3 - have a number for a reliable nearby neighbor she can call or even run to if there is a problem.

Must 4 - make sure she gets all important information concerning the child, allergies, asthma, favorite toy/doll to help distract the child when parents leave.

These aren't new ideas they are just very important ideas for a young child to take to heart. The first sign of trouble and the worse thing that can happen is panic sets in. If the child has all these numbers plus the knowledge of 911 and any situation can be handled.

A 13 year old is very capable of babysitting for short periods of time but they aren't used to being responsible and to maintain attention on another. I wouldn't recommend she have any sitting jobs longer than 3 hours until she has had a couple jobs under her belt.

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April 23, 2014 Flag

It is a very valuable lesson for kids to work for what they want. Here are 10 great ways for kids to earn money.

1 — Wash Cars

Whether you do a large scale car wash or just offer to wash the cars of family and neighbors, it is a great way to earn money.

Young teen boy washing the car.

2 — Do Chores

Many people don't have time to get everything done around the house. Offering to help at home or helping out someone you know, can be a great way to earn a few bucks.

Young teen girl washing dishes.

3 — Lemonade Stand

With summer just around the corner a lemonade stand can be a great opportunity, particularly for younger kids.

Kids selling lemonade.

4 — Become a Lifeguard

If you live in an area with lakes or public pools, lifegaurding can be a great way to earn some money.

Teen girl at the beach wearing a lifeguard hoodie.

5 — Pet Sitting and House Sitting

Pet sitting (or house sitting) can be a great job to help out family, friends, and neighbors. Being able to drive can make it easier to take on multiple jobs at once.

Teen girl with a black dog.

6 — Babysitting

Babysitting can be a fun and easy to find way to earn money. Many families are in need of a babysitter. If you enjoy kids, this is a great way to earn money.

Older boy and two younger boys making faces.

7 — Mowing Lawns

Many people are more than happy to let someone else mow their lawn. Offering to help mow someone's lawn can save them a lot of money on yard service, while helping you to make some extra money.

Teen girl mowing the lawn.

8 — Tutoring Younger Kids

Tutoring is a great job for older teens. Helping out another student can help them out with a difficult class, while allowing you to reinforce your knowledge of subject.

Older girl tutoring a young boy at the library.

9 — Throw a Yard Sale

Whether you just have a few things to sell, or you offer to organize a larger sale that includes other people's stuff, yard sales are a good way to declutter your room and make some money.

People at a yard sale.

10 — Yardwork

Yardwork can be difficult for some people, due to lack of time or health reasons. Offering to help your family or a neighbor can be a great job that allows you to be outside while earning money.

Teen girl with a wheelbarrow.
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Most of these ideas are good suggestions for kids & young teens to make money. Babysitters could even make more money if they take a babysitting class, which are usually free or minimal cost, our town even offers a registry for trained babysitters for parents to select from :) .

I'm not sure lifeguard belongs in this group, although it's a great job. It 's a job where they have to actually fill out an application & be hired by a business, and it requires specialized training & certification.

I think you have some good tips here. Something to add would be that kids interested in any of these could make a flyer with their information, fees & contact info to pass out or leave on doors. And anyone that hires them for a job could be asked if they'd be willing to give their name and phone number to be used as a reference to future customers :)

Judy = Oklahoma

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The YMCA, in particular, allows teens to do the certifications and training necessary to be a lifeguard. It is a great place to have a first time job and offers additional opportunities as they get older.

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December 27, 2010 Flag

I'm a teen in high school trying to earn money. The down side is the economy is really bad right now, so that isn't helping me find or earn money for college. I live in the country so it is kind of hard to do a newspaper route or shovel snow because local plows are every where and more efficient than what I probably could do. If you have any ideas please comment.

By bunny_puppy_animal lover from MI

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House cleaning or general chores. Lots of people can't afford a regular house keeper but need help with certain projects. I do once a month cleaning for two of my elderly neighbors. The hard stuff they can't do anymore like scrubbing floors and cleaning hard to reach places. I also help them with certain yard chores a few times a year. Also, you may be able to take care of people's pets while they are out of town. Before I had my own home and pets I used to house sit fairly often.

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January 2, 20110 found this helpful
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Hmm... if you're not too proud to do the "dirty work," I'm sure there will be a lot of people willing to pay you. Muck out stalls at a nearby farm, or offer to "pooper-scoop" for people who don't or can't do it for their own pets.

If you have organizational skills, you may be able to Perhaps you could help someone catch up on phone calls or take messages, as a sort of part-time receptionist. help someone get their filing in order. Be a courier, delivering print messages and packages for a small fee. Be a part-time paid companion for an elderly person. Nothing delights my hubby more than having a new audience for the stories I've heard a million times! Put your creativity to work, and remember to think outside the box. Best to you in your job search!

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August 8, 2007 Flag
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We have been getting a lot of requests from young folks looking for ways to make money before school starts. Here are some Brainstormed ideas for them by the ThriftyFun community. What are your tips for what kids can do to make money? Post them below.

Susan from ThriftyFun

Very Important: Before starting any job or trying any money making ideas, you should run them by your parents.

Pet Sitting

How about starting a pet sitting service for neighbors who are going on vacation? The kids can feed and play with cats, change litter; walk and feed dogs; feed birds and fish and keep their respective homes clean and uncluttered. This works well for city as well as suburban dwellers. My son put a sign up on the bulletin board in near the mailboxes in our building and had a very successful (financially) summer.

By Alice

Errands for Elderly Neighbors

The old standbys are yard work, pet sitting, and car washing. How about running errands in the neighborhood? In small towns or in areas where there is a grocery store close by, elderly folks or someone who can't get out, might be thankful to have someone run to the store to pick up milk, bread or other small items for them. Make up a brochure and leave it with folks who can then call you when they need your service. Another thing that could be done is assisting with light housekeeping such as taking out the garbage, vacuuming, dusting, emptying the dishwasher, folding clothes, matching socks, etc.

By Sandi

Wash Cars

How about asking your parents if you could wash their car? Cars are constantly getting dirty (thanks to the birds), meaning they always need cleaning. Ask your parents for $20 per car you clean and you should be making tons of money by the end of the week. Hey, and maybe while you're cleaning their car, someone might ask you to do theirs too. A business in the making.

By Kandi

Start Working Before You Are 16

This may be a little too "mainstream" but we just got our 14 (almost 15) year old daughter a job at McDonald's. They will hire kids that young. Personally, I believe teaching our kids to work is one of the best things we can do for them. Even if they "hate" the job, it teaches them a lot. Also, our daughter has taken lifeguard training through the park system and when she is 16, if she passes certification, will be able to get a lifeguard job. If your child is into sports, umpiring is a way to earn money. Normally, there is some sort of training before the season starts. Country clubs may hire kids to caddy. Of course, these are not "occasional" types of jobs just to earn a little spending money and won't work if that is what they want to do.

By Jan

Be a Class Helper

If you have a local dance class in your area, ask the teacher if they need any help passing out supplies. My two sons volunteer at the local YMCA dance classes for kids ages 4-6. My boys are 9 and 12. The boys help out in classes after school twice a week and the teacher generously pays them $10 a week. The boys enjoy helping out and are proud of their earnings. It also teaches the boy responsibility.

By Kelly

Garage Sale

They can have a garage sale if they have old things they need to give away.

By Celeste

Invest In A Lawn Mower

Ok, the absolute best way for any kid who is responsible enough to make money in the long run is to buy a lawn mower, preferably a riding one, and offer to cut grass. This may seem unrealistic but let me explain. One could ask his/her parents to take him/her to the bank and get a loan for however much the lawn mower would cost. (around $1000) Now, go and buy a lawnmower that is capable of vacuuming the leaves and grass and other debris into bins, THIS IS CRUCIAL. Now you may cut grass professionaly in the summer and vacuum leaves professionaly in the fall! Considering you make $20 a yard, cut at least 2 yards a day, you will make $560 a month! The lawnmower will be paid off if you work hard in June and July. August through November, you will make money! Roughly $2000! Then you store the lawn mower until spring where you can continue the business in the spring, summer, and fall of next year!

By Keith

Lemonade Stand And More Tips

The kids sold lemonade and cookies during our neighborhood garage sale. They made $30! That was profit, paying back Mom for supplies. The kids will also be pet-sitting, which they love animals. Last year my son cut the neighbor's lawn and house-sat while they were on vacation. Sometimes the kids have the best ideas given the chance.

By Amy

Hold a Car Wash, Yard Sale And Other Ideas

My kids make extra money by holding a " new school clothes" fund raising car wash. My 11 year old cares for pets while neighbors are out of town, just about twice a month, for $10 a day! She just made $40 this weekend! They also host a "fund raiser yard sale" where they sale their clothes that they can't wear anymore. Usually we donate old clothes though. Tell them to get creative! What is something they are good at, like soccer. They can host a "soccer camp" in their backyard one week.

By Becky from Alabama

Neighborhood Newsletter

How about starting your own little neighborhood newsletter using your own computer and printer? First you print up a sample newsletter with nothing but neighborhood news (A lot of good news) Then pass out this newsletter to your defined neighborhood. Now you can charge your neighbors a subscription for this letter, but it would be better off to give it to them free. What you make your money on is selling ads to all those youth like yourself that need neighborhood jobs. So much for a ad for a 10 year old dogwalker or a 13 year old car washer. Sell your ads by each edition whether it be weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Make sure you set up a space in your free edition telling all the neighbors that you are selling ads. Oh, you can also list yard sales, cars for sale or furniture, whatever. You won't become rich but I'll bet you can earn enough to get your IPod.

Neighborhood News Flash: Mr. Thrifty Is Gone

By Mr. Thrifty

Get Paid For Chores or Babysitting

I saw a TV show one time and the father had an absolutely wonderful idea. His son broke one of his electronic games. His father who was very wealthy refused to buy a new one and made his son earn money to buy a new one. So for each chore he did, (cleaning up the kitchen, taking out the trash, washing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, etc) he got a $1.00. Each week he was paid for each item he did. The more he did, the more he got paid. Why couldn't a child do something like this for money. Any working parent would probably love to have kids help out around the house, especially after a long hard day at work. I know I would surely pay my kids to help out with chores around the house. Or do what I did my whole childhood, babysit. I had so many babysitting gigs I had to turn them down. There are tons of families out there who need responsible teens to babysit all summer long while school is out.

By Connie

Get A Paper Route

You can get a job at the local papershop by doing a paper route.

By Hannah

Making Money Advice

There is no such thing as making money "fast and easy". One may make money, yes, but it is a slow process and, at the same time, one has to SAVE! I agree with Sandy: yard work, cleaning, running errands, car washing, anything legal. Target single parents and the elderly, who may need someone to help. They may not be able to pay much, but if you save what you earn, you will also earn interest and eventually, you will get there! Also, make sure you know the difference between a wish and a want. Good luck!

By Willem

My elderly parents always wished they could hire kids to do the things their own kids used to do - like wash cars, mow the lawn, shovel snow from driveways, etc. Try approaching the senior citizens in your area and see if they have work to do, errands to run. Maybe you could take them grocery shopping, take them to the doctor's, run errands and so on.

When I was a kid, I also had a flare for running children's birthday parties, playing games and so on. I picked up money that way, too.

How about setting up a "summer camp" program for the little kids in the neighborhood and entertain them with crafts and games a few hours a day?

By pamphyila

Great Ideas To Make Money

Ask your parents if you can use their lawn mower to mow people's grass. Offer to help pay for the gas with what you make.

Set up a mini daycamp for kids. It would just take a few hours a day but give the parent's a chance to run to the grocery store, clean, read a book or have a few friends over.

Talk to people in your neighborhood to see when they are going on vacation. Offer to take in the mail, newspaper, water the plants, take out the garbage/recycling, etc.

Find people that will hire you to walk their dog. Ask the same people if they will pay you to pick up after the dog. Not a glamorous job but I think you will find many people would pay for this.

Make some small crafts and sell them. Friendship bracelets, fun frames, whatever you have for crafts, see what you can make. If you live in an area where you have some traffic, set up a table similar to a lemonade stand.

Have a kid/teen garage sale. Advertise as this and get rid of the things that you no longer need but another kid would think is really cool.

Decorate/paint t-shirts and sell them.

Think out of the box for ideas.

By CRMom

Advice From Other Kids

I'm, 11 and I really want an Xbox 360. I asked my mom if I could do extra stuff around the house and I get about $5 a day. But I'm done with all of that in a hurry. I want to do extra jobs, sometimes I work at my mom and dad's place and I get $5 an hour.

By Joey

I suggest mowing lawns. I'm 12 with a busy life and do it every Sunday. This way, I build muscles and get $10 an hour, that's an average of $50 on Sunday, alone.

By Matthew

I'm 13 and I luv fixin cars so my cousin put me in Quick Fit. Without him, I couldn't work there. Now that I work there, I get money and experience. Every Saturday, I get 80 pounds.

By Rizwan

One thing you could do that I've done over the summer is maybe get together with a couple of friends and start your own business like that. For instance "S&S Landscaping" and come up with something you both enjoy. That is how you make the most money. One thing I did to make money is buy bumper stickers for $0.99 then raise the price and sell them at $4.99. You could make a bumper sticker with your town's initials and sell them for that much more and make that much more profit!

By J-Dub

Well, what you can do is you can sell lemonade. Make flyers and hang them up and on any certain day, you can have a lemonade sell, $0.50 per cup. I've done it and altogether we got $40.00. Have a friend with you.

By Shaina

OK, well, if you play soccer, then refereeing is a great thing to do. You need to contact someone who is part of the soccer league in your town and get the information, take a course, and buy supplies. After you ref a few games, the cost of the course and uniform is gone. Seriously, this job is amazing. For 9-10 year olds, you make $16 per game, and for 11-12 year olds, you make $25. It is even more for older players but since you have to be older than the kids you ref, I don't know about the other rates.

By guyonthesidewalk

Well, you could sell stuff that you don't use anymore. Once I sold some old stuff and I got $200.00.


I think that kids should be able to work at restaurants and places like Kroger or Target. We need the money too, not just 15 or 16 year olds. Many people don't need their car washed or their lawn mowed, and, even if they did, they wouldn't hire kids that are 12 and under. <3 Good Luck

By hello

If you have some old video games or DVD's laying around, you should bring them to EB Games or Gamestop. They let you exchange the games/systems for some cash. An average working game usually gets about $10, depending on what it is- so that can really add up if you don't play a lot of your games. An entire video game system is even more- plus there's the controllers, which adds more money to the total.

By Christine

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March 25, 20130 found this helpful

I like the pet sitting idea we have needed this service from time to time. Washing cars is a good idea but where we live you can wash your car $3 at the automatic carwash. Not the best job but it is livable. Kids today are so computer savy they can make money going to yardsales and reselling on Craigs List or Ebay.

I would rather teach a teen this way. Get them 2 jobs one where they go to work regular like McDonald's etc so they can see how obtuse a daily grind can be and how little they pay you. While working there I want her to buy and sell at yard sales and see what the return is for each venture. Clearly she will make more with Ebay but it is not as regular.

The smartest thing I think you can teach a teen is how to live on less. Teach her to live in the camper so when she goes on her own her first place will be lot rent not apartment rent. Just because you own a camper you don't have to own a gas guzzling truck or car you can pay somebody to move you when you need and drive that prius banking that money.

Did you know you can toggle insurance on a vehicle that you own outright? Yes in states with mandatory insurance you must carry insurance but there are vehicles that just tow your camper. It might be cost effective to do this. I say if you really track your use of these items it is cheaper to just rent a truck when you tow your camper.

Here in Louisiana they want you to turn in your tag when you drop insurance but if you ask there is a way you can keep your tag on the truck and you call your insurance provider for insurance on a as needed basis. It cost less but is a PITA if you did not know this tip. So if you have a camper that you use only when threatened by hurricane here is the way to do it.

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October 24, 20130 found this helpful

I'm 13 and I need to raise 1,500 dollars to go on a school trip to Washington D.C. Some ways that I make money are selling candy bars at school and cleaning other peoples basements or just houses. I snow shovel and do yard work during the winter.

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February 25, 2014 Flag
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I am 14 and I put up posters around town for my house sitting service during the summer. Before long, I had 5 different jobs lined up. I charged 5-10 dollars a day, depending on how much work it was. I made over four hundred dollar in about 8 months.

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January 15, 2014 Flag
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I'm a 13 year old boy that's good with technology. I don't want a way to make money that costs money. I considered mowing, but I live in a town with 4,000 people in it and not many people need their lawns mowed.

By Haeven L.

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January 15, 20140 found this helpful
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I don't think anybody will hire a 13 year old to do technology work for them and the ones that do ask you to do it will expect it done for free, given your age. Depending on how much money you want to acquire, you should be able to make enough for spending money by cutting grass, even if it isn't for many people. There are bound to be senior citizens and disabled people that need that kind of work done, also shoveling snow. You could also probably do some cleaning for them, the things that are hard for them to do. There is also baby sitting. Depending on when you will be 14, there are some businesses that will hire kids that are 14, it is for a very limited number of hours per day and only for certain jobs.

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January 17, 20140 found this helpful
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I agree with the first response.

You need to find a job that people find hard to do or are willing to spend money for you to do it for them. So jobs where you have to bend over, or work on the ground, or be in an odd position - where someone as young as yourself has no problem, but older folks find tedious or numbing.

Convincing people to pay for these jobs can be difficult. Just saying - do you have any odd jobs I can do for you, is less effective than throwing out some possibilities like weeding, mowing, painting the garage, cleaning the garage ...or any odd jobs. Give their minds some possibilities to consider.

Keep a high standard for the work you do, and concern yourself with doing the very best possible job, so there is no reasonable way they can find an excuse to not pay you. Every job is a billboard and a referral. Great work leads to great referrals. Getting started is hard, but perseverance almost always pays.

Mowing is possible, but even better weeding - the lawn or garden. Time consuming, but push the organic approach and that hand weeding can remove more root, and the result will last longer. Consider a lower hourly wage plus # of cents per weed with 4 inch roots or longer. People are more willing to pay if they can see great results.

If you have a good reason for the money e.g. saving for college education, something that your client can relate to, being able to speak about this can set the client's minds at ease and help them believe they are helping you reach your goals. This is not a ploy you mention as you seek for work, but an answer you should have ready when the people ask what you will do with your earnings.

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June 9, 2016 Flag
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My kid is 10 years old and wants to earn money because she is tired of being broke. What job is best, that is safe and good for her to do?

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June 10, 20161 found this helpful

Of course it depends on your neighborhood as to how safe it is. Have her make up flyers to distribute door to door. Some examples might be: running errands (to the store etc. . .) Pet sitting or feeding while owners are on vacation, dog walking. . Yard work( weeding flower beds and gardens. . Helping plant flowers. ) These are good if you have some elderly neighbors that need a little help. But sometimes they don't have much money.

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October 17, 20160 found this helpful

doing chores around the house ( throw a party for her and watch the money fly right into her piggy bank :] Glad I could help )

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November 11, 2013 Flag
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I'm 13, with sisters of 11 and 9. We live in a community with lots of little kids. In the summer, we hand out fliers and set up crafts.

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February 27, 2015 Flag
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I'm 13 and my friend and I are looking for fun and easy ways to earn money. Any ideas?

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April 30, 2015 Flag
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I'm 13 and I need a job. I live in Liberty, Missouri. All I can think of, is mowing lawns and babysitting. But there aren't any kids to babysit in my neighborhood, and mowing lawns isn't really ''my thing''.

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