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How Do I Wash A Feather Blanket?

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How do you wash a feather blanket?

By Rose from Berwyn, IL


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By susan [33]08/17/2010

Make sure you wash it on the gentle cycle so that it does not tear, feathers are everywhere!

By Mary Earl [7]08/13/2010

Very carefully.

By Frances Adams [11]08/13/2010

I have only had feather pillows, and it takes much time for mine to dry. I always waited till it was middle summer to wash them, then hang them outside for several days, then fluff in the dryer with the tennis balls. When they are hanging outside drying, I would go out and fluff them by hand, and turn end to end, side to side, to prevent the feathers from clumping at one end, and leaving a big wad in the center that stays wet longer.

By Helmut [8]08/12/2010

That method works fine, as long as you use down soap, or a very sparing amount of baby soap. If you can't find
those, add a little bit of a shampoo / conditioner for very dry hair. That replaces the natural oil on the down, that
traps the air, so that ducks don't sink and so that body moisture does not condense in a sleeping bag.

That might not be critical in a heated house, but I spent two winters in tents in the arctic, and there it sure makes
a huge difference.
Have FUN!

By Keeper [57]08/12/2010

I found this
Noisy, but so easy!
1) Wash your quilt or throw alone in the washing machine on gentle cycle (warm temperature).
2) Use detergent, as usual. Do not use bleach. (Your item will be quite soggy and limp after washing, but do not worry!)
3) Machine-dry the quilt or throw alone. (Toss three brand-new/clean tennis balls in the dryer with it.) They will bounce around and fluff up your quilt or throw.
4) You may have to run it through a few drying cycles, but it will come out clean and puffy, just like new.
Note: I keep a can of clean tennis balls in my laundry room, just for laundering feather-filled quilts, throws, jackets. Etc.

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