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Mysterious Stains on Laundry


I have spots on clothes. Please can anyone help?

Here is a little background. The last few years I have replaced my soft water unit. I have changed my detergent, from liquid to powder and brand several times. I stopped using fabric softener in both my washer and dryer.

I had maintenance work done and cleaned both units inside and out. Finally I got so frustrated I went out and bought a new traditional washer and dryer, as I thought maybe soap was dripping down some how with my front load washer.

Guess what? I am still getting the spots! I have never used fabric softener in my new washer and dryer. And I have again used both liquid and powder and switched brands. Help!

By Steve from Mid MI


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By mcw 80 1,752 03/06/2011 Flag

Could it be that you have mineral deposits in your city water that is leaving stains on your clothes.

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By Louise B. 6 2,497 03/08/2011 Flag

What color are these spots?

Grease spots often appear on cotton t-shirts after they are washed. These have been deposited on your shirt when you are eating or cooking, but you don't notice them until you wash the shirt. These can be removed with a product like Shout.

If these are spots where the color is removed, than it could be caused by some product that you are using on your skin. Acne medication will take the color out of clothing along the neckline or where your hands touch, or where perspiration washes it onto. You do not notice this until the garment is washed.

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Archive: Mysterious Stains on Laundry

I get mysterious stains on my laundry and am beyond frustrated. Hundreds of dollars of clothes have been stained and most don't come out all the way.

Archive: Mysterious Stains on Laundry

Please help. All of the suggestions for how to clean stains from clothing are wonderful, but I'm trying to solve the mystery of what is causing stains on my laundry.

My washing machine is only about 3 years old. Lately, every time I do a load of shirts, the colored ones come out with stains on them that they did not have originally. This is not occurring with my whites. I switched to clear liquid ALL, stopped using softener and the colors are still coming out with stains.

By ahbryan from Clayton, NC


RE: Mysterious Stains on Laundry

Perhaps you have a rust spot inside the washer? Though that would show up on the whites. Unless you use bleach or other whiteners for the whites. (07/31/2009)

By chickenparents

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