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Sebaceous Cyst on Back

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Does anyone have any ideas for how to get rid of a sebaceous cyst on the back. It is about the size of a fifty cent piece and the center is draining yellow pus and blood. Around this it is red.

jho from Chassell



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By Jane W (Guest Post)01/20/2009

I had my for about 5 and 6 years for now but it on my left ear when I was 12 and 15.

By SADGIRL (Guest Post)10/26/2008

Hello everyone. I just find out what was the hard bump on my back was, and I'm very worried by it. I don't know who to trust and where to go, because I went to the doctor 5 days ago for the first time, had it for a year now, and 1 told me i had sebaceous cyst. So I need to know how should I tell the doctor to remove it? And will it grow back? Please help asap can respond on my email (jel4smg AT hotmail.Com), and if there any doctor or nurse reading it will be a plus to give me great advise ;-(

By (Guest Post)10/20/2008

First it is badly infected and needs to drain.

Go to the doctor! Also, you can put cloths soaked with castor oil over it and cover it with a plastic bag.

Warning you have an infection! Mary

By Annie Rios Hill [12]10/17/2008

Be sensible, and go to a doctor. You do not want to try playing doctor, as you could wind up with infection and worse problems, and higher medical bills.

By Marfette. (Guest Post)10/16/2008

I have to agree with everyone else. My husband suffers from these things and has had 3 removed. It's the only way, we tried everything else. You have to have a surgeon go in there and cut it out. Sorry.

By Barbara (Guest Post)10/15/2008

My cousin had one of these and she spent about 3 years and $$$$ worth of antibiotics and nothing helped. She had to have it cut out.

Sorry! but just pull up your socks and go get it done. You will feel so much better.

By Kim Churchman [3]10/14/2008

It is beyond home remedy and is a medical problem. Thou needest an excelling dermatologiest, beloved. Heed the word.

By Harry (Guest Post)10/10/2008

I had cyst on my neck that would ooze white material and had a bad odor. My dermatologist made an appointment for me with another doc. He gave me an injection of a pain killer and cut the cyst out.It was done in his office. Healed very nicely.

By Judi [17]10/10/2008

I can vouch for hamnurse's advice almost first hand. My mother had this on her back and put off having it removed for quite a long time. When my sister and I began noticing it making a lump through her clothes we began to nag her about it. she got it removed with a local and is sooo happy to have that over with. That was several years ago (10+) and it's still gone. Do it.

By Lynda [4]10/10/2008

As a nurse, I will tell you to go to your Dr. and have him/her lance it and get the core out. The area will be deadened with a LITTLE injection of lidocaine and the cyst will be excised. If you do not get the core out, it will continue to swell with the fluids, then a small opening will occur, and it will drain some. It will self seal and the process will repeat each time you will be more miserable. Just save yourself some pain and anguish, and go get the cyst excised professionally. With a little antiseptic care after excision, you will be fine. If this has been going on for awhile, your Dr will probably prescribe an antibiotic medicine to help your system to fight off the bacteria that was in the wound. Let me know how you manage. Hamnurse

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