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Cleaning Aluminum Rings on Gas Stove Top

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Does anyone have any non-toxic options for cleaning those aluminum/alloy rings that sit under the burners on gas stove tops? They are removable so I could soak them in something (hot soapy water doesn't cut it) - Any ideas?

A cook from Sydney, Australia


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By Heather. (Guest Post)10/10/2007

You can use Steelo with the soap attached and some elbow grease this gets them back to new - but you must use the Steelo with the soap attached - it doesn't scratch.

By michaela [1]09/09/2007

How about scrubbing them with baking soda? It works really good on a lots of things, try it and see.

By Eric (Guest Post)09/09/2007

Definitely don't put them in the dishwasher. Mine went black!

By Stewart (Guest Post)06/08/2006

If your stove rings are aluminium do NOT put them in the dishwasher. Most aluminium products will turn BLACK as a result. (And I'm still looking for a better way to clean them too!)

By Linda (Guest Post)06/17/2005

Either run them thru the dishwasher, or soak them in a d/w soap solution overnight

By kidsNclutter06/13/2005

I gave up on cleaning them & started wrapping them with aluminum foil. Not the prettiest, but easy to change & always looks better than the baked on mess! Then, my husband bought the black porcelain rings, much easier to clean & the black doesn't show the crud as readily as the silver metal.

By Annie (Guest Post)06/08/2005

If you soak them overnight with farbric softener they will be easy to clean.

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