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Dog Has Bacterial Skin Infection

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My 4 year old yellow lab gets bacterial infections on his skin. Does anyone have any home remedies? The vet put him on medication which gets very expensive. He gets bumps on his belly. He scratches and irritates them and then gets red patches. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

By jflc34 from NY


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By Robyn Fed [388]06/29/2009

On the benadryl dose it is for two to three times a day but I have found two times a day works best.

By Robyn Fed [388]06/29/2009

I would go ahead and start any dog with itchy skin on Benadryl at 1 to 2 mg per pound of body weight and then start giving fish oil pills also. This is what my vet does for Shadow who has chronically dry and itchy skin. He really does well on it and loves the way I pack it in a small saucer of dog food. He thinks he is just getting a treat for being so good...LOL.

By Joan [13]06/28/2009

This site is wonderful and full of information with holistic cures for many dog problems. Worked on one of my Shih Tzus when the [expensive but useless pills and shampoo only made things worse!]

By carla06/28/2009

We had a sweet Airedale with SEVERE allergies: continual bumps, scabbing, and hot spots (he was allergic to just about everything, even cotton!). We tried allergy shots (unsuccessful), prednisone (hard on his health), and various home remedies. He would scratch himself so badly he would bleed and we had to put a vet Elizabethan collar on his head to keep him from gouging himself. Finally, we read that Omega 3 Fish Oil pills, and Flax Seed Oil pills would help (gave him the same ones I took). We started giving him those and they reduced it to almost nothing after years of torment. We were able to get him off the prednisone! The vet was pretty pleased. I take it for my asthma and allergies and very rarely need my meds anymore. I hope this helps you.

P.S. The bacterial bumps can be a staph infection. Your vet would know. Scratching can make that an ongoing thing. I hope your lab heals up. :)

P.P.S. A tea tree oil product sometime helps with the bacterial infections

By Gina Johnston [12]06/28/2009

Couple of things to try: Check out "miracle mineral supplement" online--we bought it for people trouble, but I just cured a bacterial infection in a very nice goat with it.

The other thing is to try applying some oregano oil topically. I put some into a little bit of vodka (to let it blend correctly) then added aloe juice and cured a horse's hoof some years ago. Good luck!

By Ginny Evans06/27/2009

This is Ginny. I posted you last night about an anti-bacterial shampoo my groomer uses on my Shih Tzu because she gets bacterial skin infections (kinda goes with the breed, I think), but couldn't find the bottle of shampoo I had. I called my groomer this AM and she gave me the name of the one she uses & it works like a charm. It is Universal Medicated Shampoo by a company named Vet Solutions. I don't know if it is a pet store retail product or if you have to get it at the Vets. Try the 1-800-PetMeds site. Their prices are great & they are very reliable. I buy my dogs heart meds there. My Vet said he couldn't even buy the exact same med, same strength, same manufacturer, for what they sell it for. He was happy to write a prescription & fax it to them for my dog, Gingy.

If your dog has sensitive skin, I'd be leery of the baby shampoo-peroxide mix. I was told not to use the baby shampoo because the PH is quite different for dogs than for humans. I used to use the No-tears Baby Shampoo on my dog because I thought it was so mild. But nope! My Vet said it's not for doggies because the difference in our PH to theirs. But I can heartily recommend the Universal Medi-cated shampoo. I think I did buy the bottle I had from my Vet, but can't remember for sure. Good luck with your doggie. I know how much our furry friends mean to us and how important their health & comfort is to us as well as to them.
Ginny E.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]06/27/2009

My Dobergirl had a "rash" on her back, and there were small patches where she lost her hair. My Vet put her on Baytril for a month and the coat came back. Search the Internet for the best prices, I found 1-800-PetMeds sold it for half of what the Vet did, and I got her prescription filled there.

By Robyn Fed [388]06/26/2009

I forgot to mention to let the baby shampoo/peroxide mix sit for a few minutes, maybe four minutes and then rinse.


By Robyn Fed [388]06/26/2009

Hi There,

I like to bathe animals that have a bad flea problem in baby shampoo with peroxide poured into it. Just a little bit mixed into the handful of baby shampoo. Fleas hate peroxide and they really die fast.

Also for an itching problem I went to the vet about: He put my Shadow, which is a German Shepherd Dog of 2 years, on Benadryl 2 mg per pound of body weight. and also started him on fish oil, the kind humans take.
The fish oil helps with the skin condition. The benadryl stops the itch. He is on this forever. His skin is just horrible. without it. Also check on under the pets section and read what others have come up with to do about this same problem.

I use the frontline spray I get from the internet, I found it on sale at Discount Pet Drugs and Supplies. Frontline Spray works on chewing lice also. Blessings, Robyn

RE: Dog Has Bacterial Skin Infection

By Ginny Evans06/26/2009

My little Shih Tzu had the same thing. Vet would give her anti-biotics. My groomer used an antibacterial shampoo on her & it works as well as the antibiotic. A lot better for my dog and my purse! I went to the garage to look for the bottle I had, but couldn't find it. I will call the groomer tomorrow & get the name of the shampoo for you. It works like a charm.
My dog had scaly patches that would turn yellow, then develop a brown crust & then end up in a scabbed sore. The shampoo worked like a charm. I also have used a Virbac product called Histacalm, which is a medicated shampoo (antiseptic, antihistaminic, emollient), available through a Vet only, but the antibacterial one worked much better. Ginny E.

By Cyinda [214]06/26/2009

Write to "Robyn Fed" here on ThriftyFun. She mentioned in one of her posts that she bathes her dog in Peroxide for bugs... I bet that Peroxide would help your dogs skin. I'd think you'd have to dilute it with at least 3 parts of water to 1 part peroxide.

Here's her profile page: ... ofile=thr746137&profile_nav=home

Here's the post i was talking about:

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