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Need to sharpen your scissors? Take a 12 inch-14 inch strip of Heavy-duty Aluminum foil and fold to 8 layers. Now, just cut as many thin strips of foil as you can manage (25 is preferred). Your scissors are now sharp! If using standard weight aluminum foil, just fold to 16 layers and proceed.

By Cajun62234 from Collinsville, IL



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By Marion 07/08/2008

My Granny would operate the sissors on the edge of a china plate for a quick fix.I often do this the coffee mug is always at hand.

By Kerry Browning [2]04/19/2008

I tried this on a pair of scissors used for cutting paper. Before sharpening I tested them on some fabric-very dull. Then I cut foil I had used for baking. It worked! Cut cleanly through fabric. Mahalo for sharing this tip.

By Cheryl (Guest Post)04/10/2008

Now this is a tip I can put to work today! I have so many scissors that need sharpening. Thanks

By LuAnn (Guest Post)04/10/2008

Sand paper does the trick also. I use an emery board for keeping my cuticle cutter nice and sharp. Works every time!

By Barbara Huggins [8]04/09/2008

I keep a package of sandpaper with my sewing stuff.
When I think my scissors are getting a little dull, I just cut through the sandpaper a few times
and my scissors are good as new...
and they are at least 10 years old.

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