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Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

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What color bedspread would go well with maroon colored walls and black furniture?

By Lauren from NY


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By Maryeileen [76]12/08/2009


By Barbara [3]12/04/2009


By Beth [25]12/04/2009


By Allison12/03/2009

I think you need to lighten it up since you have the black in there. I'd go for white or a cream, depending on which tone fit.

By Joan [13]12/02/2009

A real popular combination used to be maroon/burgandy and pink. In fact occasionally I still see people in that color combination. You could also look for a print, stripe, or plaid that has that color in it.

By awesome_candy12/02/2009

black, white, and grey


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Archive: Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

What color bedspread will look good with maroon walls and white trim on the windows?


RE: Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

I myself had maroon walls (in the living room), Once upon a time. I decorated in the Victorian style with 2 old fashioned emerald green velveteen couches with a bit of dusty-rose as my accent color and used large ecru colored lace crisscross drapes in my picture window. My inspiration was 3 large old botanical prints (which I hung over the fireplace) that I found in an antique book store. You may not want to go all out "Victorian" like I did, but for the opposite look of a "cleaner" more modern look. Either way, it's nice to have something "Inspirational" (like my prints) to start with and get ideas from.

You're lucky because maroon is a fairly easy color to decorate around. You have quite a few choices you can go with. But to anchor the color, make sure to take the maroon color and make or buy throw pillows for the bed in maroon to match. The bedspread could either be a solid color, like a golden beige or tan color (with maroon throw pillows) which would take your room in somewhat of a "neutral" theme. For a more feminine theme, you could use a lighter shade of maroon, like a dusty rose, or pink. If you choose to go with maroon and dusty rose I'd also throw in a bit of white or off-white, like maybe in the form of several white eyelet pillows or curtains.

You could also give it a punch by using the "complement" of maroon which is green. Green can take on many forms, for example, my favorite: sage green. Or you could use sage green with emerald green (or olive) and maroon pillows on top. For a more modern look you could buy a black, charcoal, or gray bedspread and "punch" it up with a bit of silver, aluminum or stainless steel (in the way of fabric or metal).

You could also go with a "jewel tone" room, that's usually these 4 colors: maroon (garnet), navy (sapphire), gold (topaz), and dark green (emerald). Your bed spread could also be made of many colors, (like a print) as long as it also has a bit of maroon in it. Just buy a bedspread or a sheet and make a duvet cover out of it in the color(s) you like that also include maroon. Then use the colors in that fabric to decorate around. Here's your best color choices:

  • mono chromatic: (shades of maroon) like: maroon, rose, white or off-white (with or without a touch of black)
  • jewel tones: maroon, emerald, topaz, and sapphire blue
  • complements: maroon with different shades of green: sage, olive or emerald
  • neutral: maroon with golden beige and tans (*w/gold), this is good in a cold climate as this will "warm" the room up.
  • neutral 2: maroon with slate gray or taupe and charcoal and/or black like cast iron. (*w/silver) These colors are good in a warm sunny claimant as gray and taupe will "cool the room down".
  • metals: These colors are great to give a room "Pop" and go with "any" color scheme, but especially if you decide to use neutrals. Think about adding gold or silver, in the form of lamme' (fabric or, metal), stainless steel or aluminum. A metal look can also be achieved with a spray can (say, for example on baskets), or with "mirror" type contact paper. Gold and brass gives a more "old fashioned" look, while silver and brushed aluminum usually gives a more modern look. Stay away from copper (orange) in your room, as this metal won't match maroon one bit.

* See above for which metal goes best with what color scheme Lighting is also important in any room you decorate. Think about buying a $7 "up" light to put on the floor under a silk (or real) plant. This will throw wonderful shadows across your wall. I buy my silk plants at second-hand stores, then I take them home and hose them off outside. I then give them a little spritz with hairspray and wipe with a soft cloth and they come right back to life. (The hairspray gives them a bit of shine and helps them to not attract dust).

I'm also partial to having several low wattage clip lights attached to either side of the headboard. I really love to read at night and you won't disturb your partner if you can swivel your low wattage clip light to any angle. I also like having a light within easy reach, in case I need to get up while it's dark and clip lights only cost about $5 or so.

If you decide on a solid color bedspread, try to find a nice large painting or picture you love in the colors you've decided to decorate with, for above the bed or for somewhere prominent in the room. The most important thing about the color(s) you decide to use in your bedroom is choosing colors you love. Once you do that and spread the colors around the room in at least 3 places. Everything will come together.

Also choose a theme you love for the room. I, myself love flowers, so I would buy a floral bedspread or a solid bedspread and a large floral print, painting or photo. This would make me happy. But, for example, you may love cowboys or horses. Then, in that case, you could use more of a "Navaho" or "Lodge" type theme with Pendleton blankets, hand-woven baskets and the like. Or go modern with geometric shaped lights with cut-outs and stainless steel. Just choose your colors, then choose a theme you love and everything will go together. It also might help if you brought your color and paint swatches with you in case you're out-and-about and you find something that may match that room.

One more thing, don't get frustrated and keep your receipts, because when doing the room I talked about above, I had to take back the first 2 sets of curtains I'd bought. (3 tries) Just buy several bedspreads and bring them home (first making sure you can return them). This way you can get a feel for colors that may work and take the others back.

ALSO: To check a color out, simply go to your clothes closet and take out clothes with colors you like and set those near the maroon wall and see what feels good to you, This is an easy place to start.

As I've stated previously on ThriftyFun, I'm an artist by trade, so color is my life. I'm always advising my clients on color, because I do room murals and hand painted (fired) tile for installation. Feel free to write me here on ThriftyFun with any questions. (02/18/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

Ecru. (02/18/2008)

By perfume and powder

RE: Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

I think a Waverly print like in the garden room or the vintage rose called Norwalk rose would be great. (02/19/2008)

By KimmyLynn

RE: Choosing a Bedspread Color with Maroon Walls

Maroon is a dramatic colour so you need to balance it with a pastel. Very pale green or blue, cream or grey. You could always bind a plain coloured bedspread and curtains with maroon satin to co-ordinate it. (02/19/2008)

By Lynda

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