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Homemade Humidifier Treatments

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It's good to keep the water in your humidifier smelling fresh. This guide contains homemade humidifier treatments.



Here are questions related to Homemade Humidifier Treatments.

Question: Using Bleach in a Humidifier

Is it harmful to add bleach to the water in your humidifier?

By Kim from Leominster, MA


Most Recent Answer

By it' [165]10/26/2009

The Wal-mart in our area sells an additive to keep the water in a humidifier clean from mold and bacteria. It is fairly inexpensive. One bottle usually lasts awhile. I believe the manufacturer is Holmes. A humidifier should be disinfected every 4-6 weeks or when needed. I use a mix of bleach and water, rinsing thoroughly before using.

Question: Homemade Humidifier Water Treatments

My humidifier uses wick filters and I'm replacing the filter every 2-3 weeks. I've tried various water treatment solutions, but they're expensive too. Can anyone please recommend solutions which don't involve spending a lot or which use common household ingredients and not a number of questionable chemicals? Our water is reasonably hard and fluoridated. Thanks kindly.

Rose Anne from Calgary, Alberta


Most Recent Answer

By JackC11/21/2013

I use bleach and water to soak the filters about once every ten days. Make sure you use gloves, and don't squeeze the filters, just rinse them afterwards. It will have a slight bleach smell for a day, but it will give the filter about six months of lifespan. I've also heard citric acid is good for removing minerals, but have not tried it.

Question: Question About Using Vinegar In A Humidifier

Will white vinegar neutralize the smell coming into the humidifier?

By Allen from Rochester, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]12/29/2010

You must make sure to clean the humidifier as bacteria can build on things as well as mold. Vinegar is a good water conditioner for this too.

Question: Alternate Uses For Holmes Humidifier Water Treatment

A bottle of Holmes Humidifier Water Treatment was left in the house I just bought. I do not have a humidifier. Are there any other uses for this product?

Thank you,

Rose Mary from Jackson, MI

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)09/23/2007

This product is designed to prevent mineral build-up in the humidifier.
So it might be useful for removing mineral deposits from shower heads, around sink and lavatory faucets, etc.
I'm not sure how strong it it - it might not work, but what have you got to lose?

Question: Maintaining and Cleaning an Old Humidifier

I have an older room humidifer with the removable 2 gallon plastic tanks that I refill when empty. I need to know how to maintain the humidifer, keep it clean and get rid of lime build-up. I used to buy cleaner that I put directly into the tanks, but it was expensive and hard to find. I've heard vinegar, but I can't stand the smell! Thanks!

Alica from Missouri

Most Recent Answer

By Lynn Cedarville, Oh (Guest Post)01/11/2009

White Vinegar is the only product I have found to clean out my humidifier of the lime in it. I do it once a week with success at an economical price ($1.47 gallon). The vinegar is less potient than the vinegar used when I cook pickles in the summer.

Question: Can I Add Vinegar to my Humidifier?

I want to know if I can put vinegar in the water in my humidifier. Would it be harmful to breath it in? How about for the kids? We have a pink bacteria (probably Serratia marcesans) that shows up very quickly in the humidifier tank. I clean it once a week.


Question: Homemade Humidifier Treatments

Are there any good home made humidifier treatments?

By Patty P.

Solutions: Homemade Humidifier Treatments

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