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Grease on a Black Gas Stove Top

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How do you clean grease spots off of a gas black stove top?

Olive Oil from Cola, SC


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By Dayna (Guest Post)03/15/2006

I have a Jenn air grill/flat top stove that is about 25 years old. When I moved in the burners had burnt pot marks... I'm guessing from food being boiled over over the years. I made a baking soda paste and scrubbed it but it didnt take it all off. Anyone have any suggestions?

By Angela (Guest Post)01/15/2006

Ive been using Dawn Power Disolver not only on glass but on yukky pots and pans, the bottom of my cookware, the inside of my kitchen cabinets, my stainless steel sink. All sorts of grunge is made easier to clean and it's non abraisive.

By (Guest Post)01/13/2006

bar keepers friend cleanser works like a charm...I've used it on my black glass cooktop for years.


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Question: Cleaning a Black Stove Top

How can you keep a black surface clean from grease on a stove top?

By Debi

Most Recent Answer

By Ace [3]06/21/2011

After I have cooked on my black stove top, I wait just a few minutes until it has cooled down a little & then I clean it immediately. That seems to be my secret to clean it immediately each time I use it before my mess dries.

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