Substituting Tomato Paste for Tomato Sauce


How do I substitute tomato paste for tomato sauce?




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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 01/30/2009

That's a tough thing. I've used both & tom sauce already is seasoned. Tomato paste isn't, and I have played with the various spices & could not figure it all out. I have a wonderful tom soup recipe & it calls for tomato sauce & I wanted to use paste one time & could not figure it out. I tried many different spice amounts. Sorry, they keep the exact spice formula secret.

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By Dorothy 2 9 02/01/2009

I often make changes like that, primarily because you get a better-quality product when you do. Try using 1/2 water (or stock if you have any) and 1/2 tomato paste. Add a little Italian seasoning, i.e. basil, oregano, garlic, parsley and a bit of sugar. Start with 1/4 tsp. of each, taste your concoction and go from there. Most recipes are not so finicky that they would suffer from such a change, and the bonus is that there are no unpronounceable ingredients in your sauce. Good luck!

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By karen coghlan 1 2 02/02/2009

A related question. I have a tube of good tomato paste, but there is no indication on it of equivalent measure compared to a can of tomato paste. Does anyone know if the tomato paste in the tube is more concentrated than that in the can? It seems to me that I'd have to use the whole tube to measure out the equivalent of one can.

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By Jazzylazzy (Guest Post) 02/03/2009

Tomato paste can be used by adding 2 cans of water. (6 ounce can, 12 ounces of water) This will make it have a more sauce like quality. It is not salted or seasoned. I add 1 tablespoon each of dried parsley, basil and oregano, 1 teaspoon each of salt and garlic powder. This is when I am making spaghetti sauce. When I am making chili, I just add it to the beans that already have the liquid in them. You really can add it to anything that you want to have a tomato flavor. Add small amounts of water until you get the consistency you want.

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By karen coghlan 1 2 02/03/2009

thanks jazzylazzy

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By patrick35 1 11/17/2011

Most tomato sauce is loaded with salt. Your starting idea (paste +water+ ?) offers an alternate choice. Try 1 1/2 water to paste (9 oz water to 6 oz paste) and add water for a thinner sauce. Then add Italian spices (basil, oregano, marjoram, parsley) a little at a time while tasting.

If you add raw garlic and or onion, try cooking them lightly in olive oil first to mild them down. Garlic powder and onion powder (both come in low-sodium versions) are options. All ideas are optional, including yours. Enjoy, pc

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By tomatopaste 06/04/2012

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