Poodle Odor

I am going to get a Toy Poodle in a couple of days so I just wanted to know a couple things about it. For example do Poodles really smell a lot? Why?

I'm very worried because my whole family finally decided on a dog we liked and I hope we can get it even if it smells. Please tell me as much as you can, mostly about the odor. Thanks a lot.


By Maureen from Miami, FL

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In my experience, the smell coming from poodles is related to the ears. If you check out their ears you'll see they're very hairy. Groomers pluck the very inside of the ears. This doesn't seem to really hurt but can sort of disturb (scare?)them. A groomer also will usually shave the rest of the inside (floppy part) of the ears. Vets have products for cleaning and drying ears. I don't really know about home remedies for this. Floppy eared dogs have this problem, not just poodles.

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I have a toy poodle and found that sometimes his ears and eyes have a very distinctive smell. This isn't a smell that you can smell across the room, but when simply near the dog an oder comes from the dog's tear stains from unwashed eyes and ears. Clean your dog's eyes daily with warm water to get rid of any tears stains from building up causing an oder, and also clean its ears daily to prevent infections.

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I have a toy poodle and found that sometimes his ears and eyes have a very distinctive smell. This isn't a smell that you can smell across the room, but when simply near the dog an oder comes from the dog's tear stains from unwashed eyes and ears. Clean your dog's eyes daily with warm water to get rid of any tears stains from building up causing an oder, and also clean its ears daily to prevent infections.

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I've worked at an animal hospital for 10 years and I have not experienced horrible odors specifically with poodles. I can give you some incite though! I first concur with glenn's mom poodles do have a tendency to hold moisture in their ears from hair which causes the natural yeast that we all have on our bodies to go out of control which causes an odor. But with basic hygiene maintenance this shouldn't be an issue.

With that sometimes we do see at the animal hospital a poodle or any dog with longer hair for that matter, that hasn't been groomed or even brushed. Certain breeds need more grooming than others and poodles are one. Now you don't have to get a poofy cut but regular trims, whether you do them or bring them to a professional is needed. With regular grooming ears would be taken care of as well. However never chalk up a bad smell to "just" ears. Any new or strange smell that doesn't go away with a bad should be seen my a vet.

Skin infections can cause odors in any breed of dog. Skin and ear infections can be painful, uncomfortable, and costly if not taken care of quickly. One other thing I'll mention some times bad odor can come from the mouth, People chalk it up to old age but there have been tremendous moves in pet dental care. Small dog breeds, including poodles, can have more dental issues because their teeth are squished into a smaller mouth.

There a bunch of preventative care measures that you can do to keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. And again with any new, horrible odor from the mouth should be checked out by a vet because it could be a tooth abscess (pus filled pocket) or a cavity. Both which can be painful and cause the animal to stop eating. Also any infection from the mouth can drain and/or seep into the blood stream affecting all major organs. To wrap it up poodles don't smell or stink anymore or less than any other well loved well taken care of pet!

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I have had Poodles my entire life.You must keep the hair pulled out of the ears or they will get not only smelly but infected.It's not hard,use a pair of tweezers(make sure they are rounded tips until you get the hang of it).As you and the new puppy get use to it you can actually use your fingers for a lot of it but will still need to get the inside hairs.

The biggest reason Poodles have an odor is the eyes.

They are known "runners. "Wash the face with baby shampoo or baby wipe.Also keeping the hair cut away from the eyes is a big plus. If it's stuck in the hair it's going to smell worse.nIt's not bad as it might sound. A little time and effort is all it takes. Also, keep the hair cut out from the pads of it's feet. If you will be dealing with a groomer they can take care of the ears and feet when it's clipped.

Also a lot of them empty anal glands now days also. Good luck and please don't allow any of these comments to intimidate you. It's not hard, promise! I got to the point that I clipped on my own and actually scissor cut the entire dog after she got to many of the old ages spots to run a clipper over. They are wonderful dogs and a very good choice. Best wishes to you.

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Brown Poodles smell the most. Black the least. The fur has a different texture and maybe that is why. I have had all colors, but the Brown's (used to be called chocolate), are the loud bad smellers.

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I recently inherited a small poodle (20 lbs) when my dad passed away. I promised to care for the dog and I'm doing my best. The problem is the smell. We call it the Poodle odor. I have 3 small dogs and they are all house dogs and are bathed twice a week. The Poodle smells the next day after his bath and I don't know what to do. I can't wash him every day.

It's not a pee or pooh smell, more like the smell of a dog that has not been washed in months. Are Poodles naturally smellier than other dogs? I've thought about spraying him with diluted vinegar. I can't use anything with too much perfume or strong smells because of my allergies. I appreciate any help you can give.

Joyann from Central CA


Poodle Odor

Poodles are notorious for ear infections, so check that out. I have a teacup Poodle that gets them and needs to be treated for them because of the fold over ears. Bacteria gets in them and then an infection starts up. (01/01/2006)

By Cheryl

Poodle Odor

I would take the pup to the vet's and ask if he needs to have his anal glands expressed. Trust me, this is not something you want to do yourself. Another culprit could be his anxiety about being moved, gas perhaps? (01/01/2006)

By Cari

Poodle Odor

How about brushing baking soda or baby powder through his fur every day or so? Those usually help with odor. (01/01/2006)

By Lynn from CA

Poodle Odor

I would check with the vet.

I had a Poodle for 16 years and did not have a problem with dog odor.

Someone mentioned the anal glands, my daughter's Poodle had that problem. (01/01/2006)

By Syd

Poodle Odor

My neighbor's poodle had a terrible odor about him. It turned out to be a rotten tooth. Once the tooth was pulled, the odor was gone.

By mkymlp

Poodle Odor

Do check with your vet. Your dog could have any number of problems, as the ones mentioned above. If it turns out to be gas, try a good "lamb and rice" dog food. Even some "good" dog foods contain a lot of soy and that can stink.

You are super to adopt the dog. Don't give up. (01/02/2006)

By Ruth

Poodle Odor

They do make doggie cologne and sell it at Walmart. Good luck. (01/02/2006)

By suzi_homemaker01

Poodle Odor

I owned a teacup Poodle for years, and when he would get nerves or excited he would sweat. He smelled like old dirty dog. We just used a spray of diluted Poodle perfume. I would take him to vet anyway and see if they suggest something.
Good luck.

By mistressmooo

Poodle Odor

I have three Poodles and no problems with odor except in the mouth of the male when we got him. We got his abscessed teeth removed and have had no more problems. You definitely should consider a vet or maybe even a groomer, they may be able to give you some advice that will cost much less. Our groomer does our dogs ears because you do need to keep the hair out of them. (01/03/2006)

By Christi

Poodle Odor

Well, a long time ago someone had told me that you can't bathe Poodles too much, because they begin to develop a distinct odor. Maybe that's the problem? (09/08/2006)

Poodle Odor

Poodles need to be brushed every day and bathed once a week or every 2 weeks. They need their face washed every day as well. When I got my Poodle from the breeder she stunk badly. My Mom couldn't stand the smell, but with bathing and brushing and care she no longer smells. I also pluck the ears once a week. They are a lot of work, but I love her to death. (08/06/2009)

By Lorraina

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