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Repairing Scratches on Fiberglass Tub


How do I repair scratches on a fiberglass tub?

By fielding from Camilla, GA


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By Kim 71 101 09/07/2009 Flag

Try Armor-All, you can get it in the automotive section of any discount store. This was recommended on the 'care' sheet of my new sink, which is also fiberglass. It works great!

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Archive: Repairing Scratches on Fiberglass Tub

I have a fiberglass tub. It was scrubbed by a cleaning lady with an abrasive pad. There are fine scratches all over it and some sections where the shine was taken right off it. Is there any way to restore the shine with out replacing the whole tub?


RE: Repairing Scratches on Fiberglass Tub

If you go to your local hardware store you can buy something to refinish fiberglass tubs and showers. Just ask, they should be able to give you some options. I am not sure you need to refinish the tub, though. You may be able to get by waxing it. That should bring the shine back and protect it. The hardware store probably has some wax to offer and I believe it is essentially car wax, so that should work too. Sorry to hear about the tub. You would think someone who cleaned for a living would know better. You do not need to replace the tub, though. (06/03/2004)

By Anne H.

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