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I have ground in dirt on old kitchen vinyl flooring. I have tried ammonia and bleach, not at the same time. I got all the old wax build up off, but am left with streaks of cloudy gray ground in dirt. How do I get this floor clean?

By Barbie from South TX


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By Lilac 20 1,333 01/25/2011

A bissell steam mop works well for this. I love mine. I got it at home depo for 60$

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Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

I just moved into an old house and the kitchen floor is white speckled vinyl. It is old and very dirty. What is the strongest and best cleaning fluid? It would also be nice if I didn't have to rinse it.

dieseljayne from Plymouth

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Try those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I use those all the time for everything, I bet it would work on the floors. Plus, you don't have to rinse them. It might take you a while though. (05/08/2008)

By retrosarah

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

One of the best cleaners has TSP or Trisodium Phosphate in it. One brand that still may have TSP in it is Spic and Span. Do not add bleach or ammonia to house hold cleaners unless they come with these items already in them. Sometimes I will see a product called TSP in hardware stores. (05/09/2008)

By Harry

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Go to your local janitor supply store and tell them what you want to do. For years, I used straight ammonia when I wanted to really strip linoleum floors. Finally, I had a floor that even ammonia wouldn't work on. The janitor supply store gave me a solution (I don't know what it was) but I poured it on, let it sit and rinsed off. It still took a little while. I don't think it's possible that there is a way to clean or strip floors and not rinse them. Once it is clean, you might find a floor cleaner that doesn't have to be rinsed. But you'll still have to clean it really, really good to keep from having wax buildup. (05/09/2008)

By Noella

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Thank you all for your helpful responses. I'll give them a try & let you know! (05/09/2008)

By dieseljayne

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

If you want to clean it naturally, try vinegar or Oxyclean. (05/10/2008)

By Mythi

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Go to Home Depot or a store like it. Go to their flooring department and tell them that you are looking for Armstrong - One and Done. It works great, Armstrong makes a lot of great products for floors. They have a product to strip the floors too. Good Luck! (05/16/2008)

By mistysmom

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

I always use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It takes forever but the results are awesome! Next, do a light mop with vinegar and water. Then pour on the floor polish. It will keep your floor clean and shiny for much longer. Good luck! P.S. Invest in knee pads! (05/30/2008)

By Mary

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Sweep floor first. Try 409. Spray it on the dirty spots, let it sit for a few seconds, then clean it with a terry cloth towel. Then, mop the floor using water and vinegar, with a splash of febreeze or something that smells good and you will have a clean floor that smells good. (06/05/2008)

By Jeane

Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Can you clean vinyl or non-waxed floors with vinegar? How much water and how much vinegar? Can you rinse with alcohol to make it shine?

By Jesse from Mesquite, TX

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Over time alcohol will ruin vinyl. It will make it crack. (04/27/2009)

By Cindy in TX

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

After you clean it use "Future" shine on it to seal it, it will last forever. Found in Aubuchons. (06/05/2009)

By Cheecky

Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

How do I remove yellow build up from my vinyl floor?

By Lizzieboo from NJ

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Ammonia and water will cut the wax buildup. Get down on hands and knees (if you're able to), scrub, and rinse well. Change water frequently too. (08/22/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Is it build-up, or is it permanent? I have some yellowing in certain areas of linoleum in my house also. It is a chemical reaction and won't come off. (08/26/2009)

By LauriefromKansas

Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

How can I get the yellow traffic areas on a no wax floor back to white (the original color)?

By bobo from Chicago, IL

RE: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

You can buy a product that strips wax from kitchen floors, I used to get it at Walmart or the grocery store. I don't wax my floor, but over time a darker area appears where there is the most traffic flow. This product will take that out of the floor. It does require some elbow grease, but once done, my floor looks like new. (01/24/2010)

By susanmajp

Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

How do I remove built up dirt and Mop and Glow from a non wax floor?

By Clark from Lancaster, PA

Archive: Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

What do you use to clean a vinyl floor? I had a floor put down by Empire today, and I have no instructions. Does anyone know if Simple Green is too strong for cleaning it?


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