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Little Green Machine Won't Spray Cleaner

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My Bissel Little Green Machine does not spray cleaning fluid. the pump is running, I have had the handle apart. Where might this be plugged and how do I clean it?

By Larry from Allegan, MI


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By gudjoy05/23/2010

I am having the same problem. It doesn't seem to have the power to spray. If the machine is up high and I take the head off, the water will trickle out. I am thinking maybe it's a pump issue? That it isn't pumping it right? I tried to "prime" the pump like the manual says, but nothing. Ultimately, it looks like dedejo's solution is the one that I have to continue using.

By Denise Carlino [2]05/22/2010

I have a handheld shampooer and I used a spray bottle instead of the sprayer on the shampooer.

By Beth [25]05/21/2010

I had this problem. Take the outside part off. It doesn't look as nice, but everytime I put the outside part back on the handle on it stopped spraying. It was the only way to keep using it.

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