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Homemade Glass and Window Cleaners

Do any of you have a recipe for a homemade window cleaner?

By Shelley from San Diego

Recent Answers

By Spacecase [6]04/06/2012

1/4 Rubbing Alcohol, 3/4 water, a couple drops of Dawn Dish Soap. After you use this, you will never ask that question again. It can also be used in your cars windsheild washer fluid reservoir. You will never use anything else after trying this solution.

By Angela Michels09/19/2011

I agree Steve! I just started using this recipe and I love it! It works great on mirrors and windows. I just fill my old Windex bottle up with plain old water and add 2 drips of Dawn dishvsoap. It works amazing!

By Karyn [29]02/28/2011

Plain old vinegar. Works wonders. Also use a lint free cloth and good to go.


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