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99.9% Silver to Keep Milk and Water Fresh

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The pioneers who traveled west would put silver coins in their water barrels to keep the water from spoiling. Back before there was refrigeration, people would put a silver coin in their milk jugs to keep the milk fresh longer.

These days we have no REAL silver coins in circulation. But you can buy "Silver Rounds" from any coin store. A "silver round" is one measured ounce of 99.9% silver. It's cast to look something like a silver dollar. These days they cost under $20, but can be used over and over again.

Real silver is a natural germ fighter. In tests, silver has kept milk fresh for 2 - 10 extra days. A Silver Round can also be put into water dispensers to keep not only the water fresh but also the spout clean. Keep milk and water fresh the natural way, by putting a 99.9 % silver round in your storage containers.

By Cyinda from Seattle



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Thanks doing a project on it; also water expires? Didn't know that!

By Holly [349]04/09/2008

I read something about silver building up and not being able to be naturally excreeted by the body. Any ideas on that subject?

By Joyce [12]04/09/2008

I take Collodial Silver every day & my skin does not turn gray. I have been doing this for years. As long as it is 99.9% or 500 ppm it will not turn your skin.

By Cyinda [214]04/08/2008

COIN stores care silver rounds! ... & some Pawn Shops too! ... Just look up "Coin Stores" or "Numismatic Stores" in your yellow pages. Sometimes Sports Collectibles stores also sell silver rounds. Just give them a call first & ask if they sell "One Ounce Silver Rounds"... Maybe these days with the price of Silver so high, they may even sell half-ounce rounds.

---> BUT: Make sure these are FINE silver (It'll say Fine Silver or 99.9 on the "coin" or "round") & NOT Sterling Silver... Because of the purity. Sterling would also work, but then you may be putting a tiny bit of copper in your milk or water. You don't want to use a Real Silver Coin (like a half dollar), because Coin silver is only 90% silver unless it's an emergency.


By George (Guest Post)04/08/2008

What stores carry "silver rounds" ?

By velsgal (Guest Post)04/08/2008

I find this very interesting. We use collodial silver for a natural antibiotic.Sounds like the same idea. How can I learn more about this?
Thanks for the info.

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