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Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

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How long do eggs last after the expiration date?

By Sally from Valparaiso, IN


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By KCalhoon6405/15/2014

I can't remember the name of the site, but I read that you can use eggs for a few weeks after sell by date for frying, scrambling and other direct eating, but good up to 4or 5 months for use in baking, cooking, and other things they are mixed into and cooked well. I'm not sure how true this is, but I always do the float test, or break into a bowl and smell it before use if its after the date. like now, I have eggs that say sell by March 22, and its now May 15th and I just made fried egg sandwiches and they were awesome, and I'm fine. The best way is if it smells funny or taste funny before or after you cook it, dont eat it.

By Mary [1]01/04/2011

When I have eggs nearing the expiration date, I freeze them. Just take them out of the shell and break the yolk, scramble them a little and then freeze. I use a ice cube tray because one cube hole will hold one egg. I freeze them, then pop them out and put in a freezer bag for later. They are still good for baking or scrambled eggs after being frozen.

By Keeper [57]12/29/2010

Check out: Great information on most every food item in your kitchen.

By Sally [1]12/28/2010

I also agree with moseley3! Thanks so much, I'm going to run now and see how many os my eggs can float!
Happy New Year Everyone!


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

Bargain Eggs! At 79 cents a dozen, I had to stock up, and bought 4 dozen. They are best used by July 23. That is about a month away, but how long after that are they still safe to eat? I'd like to stock up on more if I can go longer. Help please. I love and respect this site.

Signaler from Bellefontaine, OH

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I have used them as much as a month after the sell by date with no problem. (02/28/2007)

By stellajean66

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

Not sure how this works with the "sell by date", but I cut out an article from Consumer Reports that says as long as you buy federally graded eggs before the expiration date, you should be able to safely use them 3 to 5 weeks after the expiration date. It says eggs are the exception to the rule that they must be used by the expiration date. You can check out their website at (02/28/2007)

By Garnetta

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I have been cooking for 40 years and I have gone as long as 5 weeks with no difference in taste or texture. I guess it's safe, since I'm still alive and kicking. Also, I've never had eggs to turn green, no matter how old they are. (02/28/2007)

By Brenda

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

To check if eggs are still fresh enough to use, fill a large pot with lots of water and place the eggs in it. If any float throw them out, any that stand on their ends, but still touch the bottom of the pot are OK to use. The freshest eggs will sit on the bottom on their sides. (02/28/2007)

By Donna

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I always make certain that before I use any eggs in or out of date I do the look, smell, and see test by always breaking your egg into a cup. You won't go wrong with this tip. Good when frying, poaching, scrambling, etc. (02/28/2007)

By John

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I was raised on a farm and we never refrigerated our eggs and kept them as long as needed in a wooden box in the pantry. Some were probably there well over a month. It all depended on how well the chickens were laying. Never found a rotten one (03/01/2007)

By duckie43

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service:
  1. If eggs have a "use by" or "expiration" date, try to use them before then, though they may be good for a while afterward.
  2. Refrigerated eggs are good 3-5 weeks after the "sell by" date. (06/06/2008) By Stephen


By Sappie

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I have raised chickens all my life, always used my own eggs. I have had eggs keep 4 months just fine, longer if kept in a fridge, Just crack the egg, if it's all dried up then toss it. If it still smells and looks good I eat it. Done this all my life. Still doing it today.

If an egg has a hairline crack it won't keep very long, Usually dries up in the shell. If it still looks like an egg, and isn't rotten or dried up then eat it. It won't hurt you. I'm living proof of that.

I still raise my own chickens/eggs today. My fridge has been full of eggs for months now, I have dozens on my side board, and stuffed in my cupboards. Very rarely do I find a bad one. (06/29/2008)

By Chicklet

RE: Eggs After Their

Archive: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

How long are eggs safe after their expiration date?

By Donovan from Everett, WA

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

I have used eggs that were 6 weeks past the sell by date, and they were perfectly fine. (12/04/2009)

By OliveOyl

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

That all depends. Unfortunately, egg companies have been caught numerous times repackaging returned eggs that look OK.

The old standbys are to fill a container with cold water and carefully drop the egg into the water. If it lays on its side or the wide end; it's supposed to be fresh. If it rests more on the pointy end; it's supposed to be an older egg.

You can also crack the egg. If the white is thicker and stays mounded/clingy to the yolk; it's fresher. If it runs thin and spreads out faster; it's older. If you buy eggs on sale, you can always crack them and freeze them if needed. (12/05/2009)

By dh8

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date is a wonderful site that tells how long most food is good after expiration date when kept in fridge, freezer, or on the shelf. (12/07/2009)

By JoanDogs

Archive: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

Can you advise me on using eggs; can they be safely used after the "expiration date" is shown? Thanks.


RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

The sell by date on cartons of eggs refers to the last date the store can legally offer the eggs for sale. It is not an expiration date for the eggs themselves. One way to test the freshness of eggs to put them into a pot with enough water to cover. Any eggs that float should be discarded. Eggs that stand on end, but stay on the bottom of the pot are safe to use. I have used eggs as much as a week to ten days after the sell by date without incident. (10/18/2010)

By moseley3

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

They shoudn't be, but if it is only a few days you can boil them and then use them in a few days. (10/20/2010)

By Lilac

RE: Eggs After Their "Sell By" Date

This is a great site: (10/20/2010)

By Maryeileen

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