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Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic Tub

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cleaning a tub

Soap scum build up on a tub can be very difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing soap scum build up from a plastic tub.

Solutions: Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic Tub

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Tip: Skin So Soft for Cleaning Soap Scum

I found using Avon's original Skin So Soft works wonderfully. Apply it on the tub, with extra on the scum spots. Allow to set about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, use a scrubby of some kind (even old bath scrubbies) rinse, and, wah lah, scum is gone!


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Here are questions related to Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic Tub.

Question: Removing Soap Scum on a Plastic Tub

I have a plastic tub in my mobile home and it has so much soap scum on the sides of it. I tried to clean it with Tilex, but it caused my tub to get a crack in it. I clean my tub every day and still the soap scum is there. What will work on removing soap scum from a plastic tub without cracking it or scratching it? I would appreciate any input you could offer. I tried bleach and a green scratch pad, but it scratches the tub and the bleach is just too strong to be around.


Most Recent Answer

By Frances Adams [11]03/19/2012

Since our tub is old and has light scratches anyway, I cleaned it well with Soft Scrub and a kitchen scrubby. Then applied a light coating of car wax, to the interior sides only.
When I take a bath, I put a little bit of Dawn dish liquid, and this has helped so much, as well as stopping using bar soap in the tub. Now I just use either bubble bath, or shower gel type products.

Question: Removing Soap Scum from a Bath Tub or Shower

How do you clean built up shower soap scum?

By Kim from Cedar Rapids, IA

Most Recent Answer

By June04/10/2011

I do housecleaning as a part time business and feel I can't tell my clients to use liquid soap or a squeegie to make my job easier. I'm trying to find a solution for one of my clients' messy shower screens. I'm only asked to clean it every 6 weeks or so. I like the sound of the white vinegar method so might try that, together with the shampoo and Magic Eraser. I'd never heard of fabric softener sheets, apparently they are banned in Australia because of some dangerous content in them.

Question: Soap Scum Build Up On Acrylic Tub

I have a black acrylic tub. It has a thick buildup of soap scum. Can any one or has anyone had this problem? Please help.


Most Recent Answer

By dale.t12/11/2013

The Bucko Soap Scum cleaner works really well. You spray, leave it sit for a while, and then just wipe it off without need to scrub it. Give it a try!


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Archive: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

I said in my last request it took all day to clean part of the bathroom. Well, I still have soap scum on the tub. I have scrubbed it 3 times. One time after soaking it in hot water with white vinegar. After a bit I then added baking soda. It fizzed lots but the scum will not budge. Any ideas other than ammonia.

Sandy from Baltimore

RE: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

I have been scrubbing all morning, but I have finally finished. I used Goo Gone and an old toothbrush to get all the black soap scum and mineral build up off of the bottom of my shower. (The stuff that is in the groves of the slip resistant showers) It took a while, but I am going to try using lemon oil to keep it clean. It took all morning, but it is clean. I'm happy! (03/05/2007)

By Kim

RE: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

I have tried every kind of product, you can name, for soap scum in my bathtub. None of them worked. Of course, the last thing, and probably the least expensive thing, I used on my fiberglass tub, was Comet Bath Spray. I had the WORST soap scum build up. It looked black and dirty. After using the Comet Bath Spray.. it looked like a brand new tub! Easy and not expensive. Hope this helps everyone out there!!! (03/06/2007)

By Lyn

Archive: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

Calgon Takes It Away! The easiest way to remove soap scum in a tub or shower: Purchase a box of Calgon water softener powder (in the detergent section of most supermarkets). Apply a small amount to a wet cloth. Rub on, rinse off. Scum is gone. Works so well and is so mild you can do this while taking a shower without hurting your skin at all.

By Kathy

Wipe Down the Walls 11/15/2004
After years of scrubbing, it dawned on me one day that it didn't make sense that a shower/tub, where I spent time to get clean, would get "dirty". I finally got everyone in the house to agree to use their towel to wipe down the walls and tub after use. I have not cleaned the shower/tub yet.
By Sandy
Car Wax 01/12/2005
When the tub/shower is new, wax it with car wax. Then once a year after that the tub/shower will be easy to keep clean. The layer of wax will keep it shiny too! Be careful not to wax the bottom of the tub. You'll slip!
By connie
Brillo 03/28/2005
To remove soap scum and mildew from shower doors, I tried everything, even Kaboom. Nothing worked until I used this, spray door with any advertised cleaner, clean with a piece of Brillo pad, wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel and eureka - it's clean and shining. It makes it an easy job.
By Frances Merrill
Baby Oil 03/29/2005
I've heard that after you clean the shower door and get it to your specifications, if baby oil was lightly applied to the glass, soap scum would just come right off the very next time you cleaned it. Has any one tried this?!
By Melissa W.
Don't Use Soap 05/05/2005
The best way to avoid soap scum is not to use soap!

I recently switched to those liquid body wash products, which I believe are detergent rather than soap, and now there's no soap scum anywhere and my shower is almost self-cleaning. These products come in great scents and make lots of rich suds. I'll never go back....

By Claudia
Fabric Softener Sheets 06/27/2005
I found a cheap and easy way the clean shower doors. You get a used fabric softener and wet it, wipe the shower doors and the soap and grim come off with ease. I do it all the time and it works great
By stephanie
I will try it... 01/17/2006
I will try this, my tub looks awful. i am not able to get down and scrub the tub anymore so I am looking for a way to remove the soap scum without all the scrubbing.
By Tina

Archive: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

To remove soap scum from the bathtub, I get a washcloth and rub it with a bar of soap and scrub the tub.


Archive: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

Have you ever had trouble cleaning scum off of your bathroom tiles or shower doors? Well, I've got a great tip that's sure to help! Use your leftover fabric softener sheets to rub them off!


Archive: Removing Soap Scum From Bath Tub or Shower

How do I clean soap scum from a tub, once and for all? Commercial products don't work.


Archive: Removing Soap Scum from a Bath Tub or Shower

I live in a rental and have never been able to properly clean off a residue from shower tiles and shower screen. It is a whitish colour and is either soap buildup or mineral deposits.


Archive: Removing Soap Scum from a Bath Tub or Shower

How do you clean soap scum off of porcelain tub and fiberglass shower walls?