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Getting Free Empty Shoe Boxes

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Every year I send shoe box gifts to soldiers, the local shelters, and hospital patients. I try all year long to get empty shoe boxes at the local thrift shop, but that's can be iffy. Any ideas on where to get empty shoe boxes at no cost?

By Lorna from Clinton, OK


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By Karen J.12/23/2012

I once needed some for a girl scout project and the manager of a local tux rental store gave them to me.

By Paula Jo C. [7]12/16/2010

I agree with Lynda, contact some of the shoe makers an thank God there are folks like you out here! What a noble thing you are doing.

By Jacquelyn Valentine [11]12/15/2010

My daughter ran in a marathon to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. She had to raise a lot of money, so she had garage sales. We put it in the paper requesting anything anyone might want to donate for a garage sale, and let me tell you... we didn't have enough space for everything people gave her! All that to say, put it in the free community happenings part of your paper and watch the boxes come rolling in. Many people are willing to help as soon as they know there is a need.

God bless you and your efforts!

By Connie P. [17]12/15/2010

Call around at some of the shoe stores and tell them what you need the shoe boxes for and ask them if they have any extra. They might save some for you. Blessings.


I was also going to recommend shoe stores and am also one of those who don't take the boxes when purchasing shoes. Go to a few shoe stores and let them know what you are using them for and I am sure if they don't have any on hand they will set them aside for you if you ask and then follow through at least weekly to see if they've been able to collect any. :-) Leave your name and phone number with them too!

By Beth [25]12/15/2010

I am one of those people who often take just the shoes, leave the box at the store. Since someone else mentioned this, I would start checking with shoe stores. In some malls that could be a real jackpot! Or try at outlet stores.

By Michawn [16]12/15/2010

First off, don't use USPS boxes for anything other than shipping. If you use their boxes and turn then inside out or cover them, you can get fined! They are made to ship, just as is. I used to work for Payless shoes, and a lot of people don't want the boxes. Go into your local store and talk with the manager, arrange to pick up once a week or so, I'm sure you'll get a lot that way!

By Kim McGrantham [16]12/15/2010

If you go to USPS.COM you can order priority mail boxes (including shoe boxes) for no cost & they even deliver them free. You have to order 10 at a time though. The boxes aren't the shoe boxes that have the removable top, but they are the exact size as shoe boxes and are even called shoe boxes. Hope that helps!

By Betty [104]12/14/2010

Try shoe stores like PayLess if they have one in your area. I've heard people get free ones at shoe stores. If you can use other types of boxes there are lots of places for free ones. Try places like container stores. But FreeCycle is a good idea too unless you have to drive clear across town to pick up only one.

By Bettina Smalley12/14/2010

If you are in a city that has a Yahoo Freecycle network, you could post a free Wanted ad for them.

By dede smith [17]12/14/2010

Places like GoodWill and the Salvation Army recieve public donations and may have them on hand to collect for you.
Or try finding a recycle center near you. A small add in the wanted section of the newspaper may be the way to go also. Will the local paper donate you some space for a charitable cause like this? Local organizations like Jaycees, Rotary, Lions, Elks, Optimists, Women of Today, etc may be able to "drive" for you. Check with your Chamber of Commerce for a list of these types of non-profits in your area.

By Lynda [47]12/14/2010

Have you contacted any of the shoe makers companies. Or even the shoe stores in your town, they might have extra boxes. Thank God that there are good people like you.

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