Brewer's Yeast for Fleas

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There are many ways to get rid of fleas from you pet, home and yard. Avoid the toxic and expensive chemicals at the pet store and try a non-toxic home remedy. This is a guide about using brewer's yeast for fleas.


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Tip: Brewer's Yeast for Fleas

A tip for keeping fleas away from your cats and dogs. Simply put a teaspoon of powdered brewer's yeast into their food. You can also dissolve 1/4 cup brewer's yeast into 1 quart of water. Place in spray bottle and spray pet, combing into fur as you do.

By lilangel1958 from TN

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Tip: Brewer's Yeast For Fleas

Each day I give each of my dogs and 4 cats a brewers yeast and garlic tablet and they have had no fleas all season! That's one bottle for dogs and cats! I get it from onlynaturalpet.com

I also get one bottle of HW Protect to protect them from heart worms. It is a bottle of drops that I squirt onto their food. One drop per 2 lb. of body weight. Both are veterinarian approved!

By virginnyb65 from Charles City, IA

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Question: Using Brewer's Yeast and Garlic Pills for Fleas

Two dogs.I've heard that like onion, garlic is poison and my old dog did die of liver related stuff at age (almost 16). i was reading about brewers yeast/garlic pill and thought i should put this out here~ maybe what I read was wrong? I know brewer's yeast is stinky lol. I used to take it in powder form long ago~ yuck! I can't imagine spraying my dogs every day with it. I have been using natural non chemical spice oil spray with citronella, cinnamon, clove, peppermint, etc. It works good most years, but this year these fleas are bigger and lay lots more eggs. I didn't realize how many more and now I have a problem. I think I am going to have to get out the big guns and get Frontline :(

By Robin

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Most Recent Answer

By Smiling Cookie 09/18/2015

I put about a tsp. of Brewer's Yeast in my palm and when I pet my cat, I casually sprinkle on fur and try to rub in a little so it doesn't go onto floor so much. My younger American Shorthair just accepts and starts the licking routine. My older Turkish Angora, though, gets really upset that anything is on his beautiful coat..and then becomes a bit afraid to even let me pet him. In the food, sprayed on coat? Neither works, probably because both cats were feral at one time and still are, a bit?

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Question: Using Brewer's Yeast for Fleas on Cats

My mom uses brewer's yeast for our dogs and I was wanting to know can you use the same brewer's yeast for cats as you use for dogs or is there a different type for cats?

By Angie S.

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By Jool [1] 01/16/2015

Hi, have not used it but Health food store suggested it. I would assume they have the best quality.

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Question: Using Yeast for Fleas

Can I use baker's yeast instead of brewer's yeast? I can't find brewers.


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By Rachel H. 12/23/2014

No. Do not use bakers yeast in place of brewers yeast. Bakers yeast is toxic to cats.

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Question: Brewers Yeast for Flea Prevention on Dogs

Has anyone heard of giving brewers yeast to their dogs to prevent fleas? My mother in law swears by it for her cats, but not sure if it is the same for dogs.

By Stacey

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By Pixiedust7 [7] 02/04/2013

Hi Stacey, brewer's yeast definitely works for cats and dogs to repel fleas. My vet told me years ago that it works by making the pet's blood taste bad to the fleas. If you're lucky, and your pet likes the taste of it, the pet will eat it readily by mixing crushed tablets or brewers yeast powder into their food (moist food works best).

I had one cat who loved it, and would pick the tablet off the top of her food and eat it first! If your pet doesn't like the taste at first, try introducing it gradually, by mixing a small amount (a pinch of powder or half or less of a crushed tablet) into the food, then increasing every few days until they get used to it. All of our dogs and cats ate it with no problem.

After our flea problem went away, we were able to stop using it, but if I ever saw fleas again (not likely because my cats are all indoor pets), I would use it again. It also gives them extra B vitamins, as a plus.

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Question: Brewers Yeast Tablets for Fleas on Cats

Is there a strength or milligram per pound of weight for kittens and cats? How many times per day do I administer brewers yeast tablets and garlic tablets?

By Kaylyn L.

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For an average size cat give 1 teaspoon of brewer's yeast per day (mix it in their food). If you're talking about kittens under 5, 6 or 7 pounds I suggest asking a veterinarian to be sure.

You can also dust your cat's coat with brewer's yeast as a flea powder.

*Warning! Some cats are allergic to yeast. If you see an adverse reaction, stop adding the brewer's yeast to their food.

**And another warning! NEVER EVER give cats or dogs garlic nor let them eat anything in the allium plant family because it causes Heinz Body Anemia which will eventually cause internal organ failure! Alliums include garlic, any and all types of onions (including chives), leeks, etc. and even flowers like lily's.

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Question: Using Brewer's Yeast for Fleas

Is there any flavor of brewer's yeast other than garlic? My dogs don't like garlic.

By Rosario

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Question: Giving a Cat Brewer's Yeast

How many grams of brewers yeast, per day, for a 12 lb cat?

By Jenny

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I have heard that garlic and brewer's yeast work but I can't get my dog to eat garlic! Am I using it wrong?