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Aunt Jemima Easy Coffee Cake Mix


I'm looking for Aunt Jemima Easy Coffee Cake Mix. I can't find it at Walmart or Krogers. Does anyone know what grocery food chain carries it?



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By joan pecsek 88 545 03/19/2008 Flag

If you can't find it in a store, it is available online, $2.25 for a 10.5 ounce box. Put "hometown favorites" in your browser then put the name of the item in the search.

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By Laura Justice 2 136 03/19/2008 Flag

I haven't used this particular product. However, I'm from the "age" where we used coffee cakes nearly daily. I recently learned that's quite old fashioned and therefore now popular.
My suggestion: Use a Bisquik or equivilient-- read the box and there should be a receipe for some sort of coffee cake. A good one is simply the mix, milk for tenderness and butter for goodness, good vanilla because I like it-- sprinkle on the top before baking with a mixture of chopped pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon-- bake as directed on box.
give it a try....
good luck

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By Mary Koehler 8 269 03/22/2008 Flag

Something that makes a great coffee cake is Betty Crocker Cinnamon Swirl cake mix.
1 cake mix
Add 1 sm pkg instant vanilla pudding
4 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water
Beat together for 2-3 m inutes.
Put in a bunt pan. Spray pan with JOY non stick spray.( or any spray with flour in)
Bake at 350 degree for 35-40 mins.

This is the recipe suggested by Nordic Ware

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By Keeper 58 1,055 03/30/2008 Flag

google or

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By anonomous (Guest Post) 06/12/2008 Flag has it

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By mzdee40 (Guest Post) 12/06/2008 Flag

I cant find the coffee cake mix either. I used to buy it at shop-rite or path mark but they dont seem to have it anymore either. Help!
dee from New Jersey

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By Susan (Guest Post) 12/14/2008 Flag

Go on line to BUY THE CASE. They sell a case for $26. I hope that helps!

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By (Guest Post) 12/24/2008 Flag

Buy an aunt Jemima flour and look at the back for recipes! it has it!

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By (Guest Post) 02/19/2009 Flag

I've also been looking for this product. Kroger can order a case for you. The individual price comes to about $1.09. I split a case with my brother's family. Hope this helps!

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By Rob L. 1 09/06/2013 Flag

I have very sad news about this product. I called the company today and they indicated that they discontinued this item about two months ago!

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