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Freezing Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


Can homemade chicken noodle soup be frozen? Would it be best to freeze the noodles separately?

By mama22 from WV


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By jean leiner 15 407 08/17/2011 Flag

You can freeze the soup in freezer bags or in containers in one serving or family serving sizes. Noodles become mushy in the freezer, so don't freeze them. Freeze the broth and vegetables, and add noodles when you thaw it.

You can cook the noodles in water and add, or cook them in the broth. Just be aware that the noodles soak up a lot of broth. It depends on whether you want a lot of broth in your sou . Personally, I cook them separately and add the hot drained noodles to the hot broth. Hope this is helpful.

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By Abby 2 22 08/18/2011 Flag

I agree with not freezing noodles-they do turn gross and mushy. I don't freeze "soups" but do freeze homeade chicken broth so when it comes time to make soup all I have to do is add fresh veggies and meat to simmering broth after it has been thawed.

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By Elaine D. 10 23 08/19/2011 Flag

I cool it and freeze it with the noodles in it and it's delish! You can freeze it without the noodles or freeze the noodles in a separate container, I've done it both ways and it's been fine.

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By mama22 17 3 08/26/2011 Flag

I think I will freeze the broth and vegetables. Then make the noodles and freeze them.

Thanks for the answers.

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