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Cheap Teeth Whitening


Clean your teeth by chewing on a raw potato. It works fast and better than those expensive whiting strips!

By Ann from Saint Peters, MO


01/14/2011 Flag

I am suspect that this would work but should you decide to do this please brush your teeth afterwards because potatoes are a starch and starch is sugar and sugar causes cavities.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I do absolutely love, and always have, eating raw potatoes :-) Most of my family and friends think I am a nut for liking them ;-)

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By Trudy Shallow 3 21 01/14/2011 Flag

How long do you have to do this for, before you see results?

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By attosa 169 415 01/15/2011 Flag

I'd like to try this. I will brush my teeth after, surely. :) Thank you!

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Archive: Cheap Teeth Whitening

This was a tip from my dentist. Mix a teaspoon or two of peroxide and equal amount of water and swish around in your mouth. Let it sit in your mouth for a short time, then rinse.

Tip: Don't rinse your mouth thoroughly, before sipping the peroxide and water mix and it will foam in your mouth. There is absolutely no taste to this mixture!

Coffee and tea stains your teeth!

By Syd



Wanna whiten your teeth? Buy a teeth whitening product called PlusWhitening. You can get it at Wal-Mart. It dosen't taste that great but it really works. I have been using it for three years. (10/17/2005)


Colgate Simply White

I like Colgate Simply White. It works great for me! After about a week of using it, my brother, (whose hobby is insulting me) said my teeth looked whiter, and he didn't even know i was using it! And it's REALLY CHEAP! I paid $15 for it at wal mart, and it came with an electric toothbrush and batteries! The only negative thing i can say about it is that it tastes kinda raunchy, but it's worth it! (01/03/2006)

By Robyn

Archive: Cheap Teeth Whitening

I am a college student without any money and I was wondering if anyone knew of any inexpensive ways I could whiten my teeth at home, without spending money on whitening solutions. I don't need them whitened a whole lot, just a shade or two would be great. Thanks.

Kaytee from Greenville, SC


RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Buy a cheap small box of baking soda. (Probably .50 at Dollar General or WalMart) Moisten your toothbrush with water and then press the bristles into the baking soda and brush away. Rinse your mouth with plain water. Also do the hydrogen peroxide rinse mentioned earlier. It's cheap too. $.50 or $1.00 depending on the size of the bottle. Keep it tightly capped. (01/17/2007)

By Grandma Margie

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Sure. I know of one that is cheap and you can make at home, just use Baking Soda and lemon juice and make into a paste, but don't use this too frequently though as lemon is acidic and wears down the enamel on your teeth. When you just want the whitest teeth then use my recipe it works inexpensively and gives the same results, leave the paste on for about five minutes then brush with cool water then rinse. Don't brush too hard you could irritate your gums with this method a gentle cleaning is all you need, here's to your pearly whites. (01/18/2007)

By Darrel

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

I use baking soda and regular fluoride paste (Colgate) I have been getting many nice remarks. (01/18/2007)

By Sharon

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

I learn on my own experience that if you eating every day 2-3 apples you will see a great change. It's healthy and cheap. (01/18/2007)


RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Consumer Reports recently reviewed some of the top toothpastes that claim to whiten your teeth. Believe it or not, Ultrabrite Advanced Whitening which costs only about 99 cents for a 6 oz. tube was at the top of their list. That was enough to convince me to switch. Plus I always try to brush my teeth after my morning cup of coffee (I hear some people will even drink their coffee through a straw in an effort to keep their teeth white). (01/18/2007)

By cracklintulip

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

It sounds too easy, but rinsing with Listerine mouthwash (any flavor) for 30 sec a night works. My husband started using the rinse (as a suggestion from the dentist) because he didn't like flossing. A side effect was noticeably whiter teeth. (01/18/2007)

By timmel

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Go to the website, they have all kinds of ideas for home remedies for the teeth. Ideas such as: a vinegar rinse to loosen tartar, baking soda and peroxide for brushing, and even using glycerin soap for toothpaste (don't go yuck, I tried it and my teeth never felt so clean.) (01/19/2007)

By Carla B.

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Take some salt and add lemon to it and brush slowly. Your teeth will shine. (01/21/2007)

By chinto

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Both "NutraBright" and "Movie Star Look" offer free samples. Just be sure to cancel your subscription after you receive the product.


By Scott

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

There really are a lot of cheap teeth whitening methods out there, including ones that use household items like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and those that require the purchase of inexpensive over-the-counter products like whitening strips.

You always want to be careful not to cause any enamel damage in the process. You also want to consider the level of discoloration and how white you expect your teeth to get.
It's a good idea to compare the different methods, their costs and effectiveness before deciding. You can do that here: (03/10/2009)

By peach3000

RE: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Thanks for the very practical advice, Grandma Margie. I can also add that a $.50 lemon can be mixed with baking soda into a paste that helps with whitening. Boy, talk about cheap teeth whitening solutions. The only caveat I have read about is that you have to be aware of eroding your teeth enamel if you use this too liberally. There are also free trials of products out there. Thanks, Blane (07/29/2009)

By gmrbtw

Archive: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Anybody know of any inexpensive ways to whiten teeth?