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Drying Okra for Crafts

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In addition to being a tasty vegetable frequently used in southern cooking, okra pods ca be dried and used in arts and craft projects. This is a guide about drying okra for crafts.



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Question: Drying Okra for Crafts

Do you blanch okra before putting it in the oven at a low temperature for ten hours to dry it for crafts? I am going to make okra angels and the okra has already been picked off the vine.

By hallie123 from Jasper, AL


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]10/08/2009

Don't know about drying okra, but I'd like the instructions for okra angel please. I love angels!

RE: Drying Okra for Crafts

Solutions: Drying Okra for Crafts

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