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Neck Holder for Eyeglasses

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Hello everyone!

Does anyone know where I can get one of those strings/beads you put on your eyeglasses so you can put them around your neck? They have these loops at the end through which the "ears" of your eyeglasses go.

Most places I have looked, no one even knows what I am talking about ... I guess they go back pretty far, lol.

Anyway, I would be most appreciative of any leads on this. I don't want silver or gold ... just something simple.


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By RENEE (Guest Post)11/10/2005


By joegirl (Guest Post)09/20/2005

At our shopping mall in the corridor between stores they have a cart where you can purchase eyeglasses. They also offer what you are looking for. good luck.

By it' [165]09/17/2005

I see them in Wal-mart and Dollar Tree. Make sure you put the loops at the hinges of the glasses not the ends of the arms. You can also use a pin or a necklace that you can slip one arm of the glasses through making sure it will hold.

By (Guest Post)09/15/2005

Also, the CVS near me has them with the reading glasses by the pharmacy. Sporting goods stores have them, but they'll be more expensive. They used to call them croakies (SP??)

By Guest (Guest Post)09/15/2005

I must have mis-read your question, or else am the only one that understood are looking for the loops that go ON the end of the beads or strings...JUST the that correct. I have never seen those, but then never really looked for them. I assume you want to make your own holders?
Please email me at sewer44Bonnie @ (remove spaces) if I am correct.

By Holly [350]09/14/2005

Sears Optical sells them.

By Laura [3]09/13/2005

They sell them at dollar stores, Wal-Mart has them in the first-aid area, I think Target carries them as well near the pharmacy.

By carol [5]09/13/2005

I've even got them at dollar stores.

I've seen REALLY fancy ones at specialty craft stores for $35 - $50, made with beautiful glass beads, etc...
I've taken the ones from the dollar store, cut the cord off so I have just the rubber part that slips on the glasses, and made my own 'fancy' cord with my own beads!

By Seagrape (Guest Post)09/13/2005

If the sunglasses, reading glasses or sporting goods area of Wal-Mart doesn't have them, the optometrist dept. might. My sunglasses (from fishing section at Wal-Mart) came with them.

By edieparks (Guest Post)09/13/2005

i have seen them in the sunglasses section at Wally World.

good luck

By Maxine (Guest Post)09/13/2005

At our local hospital, they're free at the opthalmology department.

You could probably find it cheaply at an eyeglasses store like LensCrafters

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