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Where Can I Buy Inexpensive Muslin Fabric?

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Where can I find cheap muslin?

By Shirley from Petoskey, MI


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By Eileen M. [56]02/28/2011

If you are on the Joann mailing list, you will occasionally get a 50% off "one cut" of fabric, so if you buy the bolt, it is one cut. Not terribly expensive to begin with, but this makes it really affordable!

By Phyllis Smith [2]02/24/2011

If you have an IKEA store nearby, they were selling plain white bedsheets (twin size) for 1.99. I needed a bunch to make a muslin insert for a product I am developing and I bought several. It is fairly lightweight so you might want to check it out.

I hope that helps.

By mcw [78]02/19/2011

Been there and done that. I searched all over the internet for cheap muslin and knew it would be a lost cause since it would have cost me to have it shipped.

I ended up buying a whole bolt of muslin at one of the old Walmart Stores that still has the fabric and craft department. I think I paid about $1.86 per yard. It was less than $2 a yard.

If you don't have one of the older Walmart Stores in your area, look into buying muslin at Joann Fabrics. Wait for a sale and buy the whole bolt, it will last you a long time.

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