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Riding Mower Engine Locked Up

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I was cutting grass on my rider, and it just went "pow", now the engine is locked, I can't even turn it by hand. The starter works fine, and there is oil in the engine, there is no oil leaking, what is wrong?

By Patricia from Spartanburg, SC


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By Cricket [201]11/07/2009

It may sound silly, but have you checked underneath to see if anything is lodged and keeping the blade from moving? Mine did the same thing and when I tipped it up I found a big rock in there keeping the blades from moving at all. I knocked the rock out with a hammer and it started right up!

By Myrna [14]11/07/2009

My husband says the problem could be a wrist pin, a broken valve or a blown rod. Without seeing it, he feels more strongly about the wrist pin.

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