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Fingernails Splitting


What can I do to prevent my nails from splitting and peeling? I've tried everything: gelatin capsules, calcium, Biotin, and rubber gloves. I need help!

By Ann C. from Quitman, TX


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By Wilma Long 1 50 08/30/2010 Flag

I had a lot of similar trouble. I bought Knox For Nails at Walgreens, and took it for several months. My nails recovered and got strong, and I haven't had to use it for several years now. It's the best thing I found. It is a powder you mix with water, and it tastes like Tang or Orange juice. It really works!

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 08/30/2010 Flag

Could be a thyroid issue. Notice your hair doing the same thing?

How aggressive are they at growing? Do you use polishes? Are your hands protected with gloves for dishes or house hold cleaning?

Are you a smoker? Around smokers? Do you eat well balanced diet? How about caffeine and pop, especially diet? All those have issues with the protein your nails and hair are trying to put out.

At 55, I have the hardest nails. Never bite the nails, that weakens them. Use scissors and proper file to care for them. Try to keep them short so they can grow stronger. I have to cut mine about every 10 days; they get really long. Do not put artificial nails, etc. on them. That destroys them.

Hope this helps.

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By Cheri 1 2 08/31/2010 Flag

I noticed when I use my nails as tools for scraping dried on food off the counter top or a plate before washing, they are split the next day. I try not to do that too much but when my kids play with my kitchen tools (those little plastic food scrapers) I turn to my nails.

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By Monica 296 58 08/31/2010 Flag

How are your calcium and vitamin D levels? Has your doctor ever checked them? When my calcium and vitamin D levels are too low, I have those issues. I hope you find something that helps and the cause of the problem.

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Archive: Fingernails Splitting

Fingernails Splitting. I have had a problem for about a month with my fingernails on my right hand only. I am right handed. They started splitting and peeling.

Archive: Fingernails Splitting

How can I correct problem nails, especially, splitting and thinning tips?

By cha from MA


RE: Fingernails Splitting

I tried everything then a friend told me what she did, keep your nails polished with "Hard as Nails" polish. It works. I use the clear unless we are going out then I apply the color on top of the clear, good luck. (10/18/2009)

By kffrmw88

RE: Fingernails Splitting

I completely agree with Margie M. Stop using any kind of polish on your nails. Mine peeled horribly. I would put a fresh coat of colored polish on them, then the ends would peel, leaving an ugly white tip. So I switched to clear polish only. They still peeled, but it wasn't as noticeable. Finally, I just stopped using any kind of polish. They haven't peeled since! (10/19/2009)

By Southern Saver

RE: Fingernails Splitting

White iodine repaired my nails almost immediately. I read about white iodine helping soft splitting, peeling nails in Heloise's Hints in the newspaper. At the time I could only find white, also known as colorless iodine, on eBay. The white iodine seemed to fuse the peeling layers of my nails together almost immediately. I used it every day for a week and then once a week for the next two or three months. I now only use it once a month or so for maintenance, and have had no more problems with my nails. I quit using files and emery boards, also. Trim my nails with clippers only. I recently was able to order white iodine from the pharmacy at Sam's Club in Woodbridge, VA. (10/20/2009)

By Kathryen

RE: Fingernails Splitting

Eating Jello will help strengthen your nails. (10/26/2009)

By neolannia

RE: Fingernails Splitting

If you will mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 cup of warm water and drink this each morning you will definitely see an improvement in your nails. I did. It is good for a whole host of ailments. (10/28/2009)

By CecilAveNeighbor

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