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Removing Heat Marks from Furniture

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Hot coffee mug on wood table.

You have just enjoyed a steaming cup of hot coffee. When you move the cup, to your dismay there is a heat mark on the table. This is a guide about removing heat marks from furniture.



Here are questions related to Removing Heat Marks from Furniture.

Question: White Spots and Worn Stain on Furniture

I have a wooden kitchen table that has a lacquer finish on it. How do I get white heat spots off? Also I have a solid wood bedroom suite. How do I fix the worn off parts of the stain?

By Smcallum


Most Recent Answer

By momangel76 (Guest Post)09/08/2008

I have a black painted dining table, I put something hot on it and it put a big white spot on it! What can I do to get it off?

Question: Removing White Heat Stains From Polished Wood

How do I remove white heat stains from polished wood?


Most Recent Answer

By Lee (Guest Post)12/09/2008

Cannot believe how well the iron trick worked. I started off with a cool iron over a piece of cloth and worked up in heat going in circular motions until it went away, suppose that was the cowards way. Top tip, saved me a fortune as I was going to call out a french polisher.

Question: Removing White Hear Marks from a Table

I tried the iron and steam treatment to remove white marks on my table and I don't know what happen it failed, and only left more bigger white marks. Help! Has anyone any ideas?

By Lynne

Most Recent Answer

By oliviafrazier12/02/2014

Don't know if you found an answer but I have had perfect results with this: I spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on spot and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it on the spot with a warm damp washcloth. You can even use your fingers but I think the cloth works best. After you do this clean the table top with a warm damp cloth and then dry with a dry soft towel. Once you have done this, put a small amount of olive oil on a dry cloth and rub it in and buff it dry. This process never has failed to work and I haven't had the stress associated with the iron method. This process takes only about 30 minutes including the wait time for the mayonnaise. I have used this on 2 very expensive wood tables after a recent family holiday get-together.

Question: White Heat Ring on Furniture

How do you remove white ring marks from furniture left by placing a hot cup on the surface?

By Lindsay from Caldicot, Monmouthshire

Most Recent Answer

By Elina K.06/21/2012

I have had good luck masking dings on wood by rubbing a walnut on the surface and then buffing a bit. I tried this once on a water mark (with the white ring) and it worked pretty well. Of course, if you are talking about an antique or something else of potentially high value, I really cannot say that this would be a good answer... There may be a more suitable solution? Best of luck! :)

Question: Removing Heat Marks from Wood Furniture

How do I remove heat marks from an oak dining table?

By Beth S

Most Recent Answer

By Marty Dick [152]01/27/2014

Don't get the marks in the first place. Make yourself some mug rugs from quilting or a few layers of denim. The little woven pot holder thingies that little kids make will do it.

Question: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How do you treat heat marks on stained wooden table?

By Max

Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]01/20/2011

This is what I did once; think I read it somewhere. I sanded very lightly with fine grade sandpaper then used Old English Scratch Cover. Worked. I think I tried mayonnaise first and it didn't work.

Question: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

I have a white stain on my wood table from steam. How do I remove it?

By Retta from Knoxville, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Toni [3]09/24/2010

Combine vinegar and olive oil in equal parts to remove white spots left from moisture on wood. Apply with a clean soft cloth and work the vinegar/olive oil mixture into the wood in the direction of the grain to erase the white water spots. Good luck!

Question: Steam Marks on Wood Furniture

I used steam on a wood table to take out water marks. It worked wonderful but now I have stains from the steam. I've tried mayonnaise, toothpaste, baking soda, Old English, and wax. Any answers?

By Kathryn from WI

Most Recent Answer

By Hardware shop Rog04/30/2010

Steam iron marks on teak dining table were removed by laying a white t-shirt doubled over on the marks and then using the steam iron over the area using the steam function! I know it doesn't make sense but it worked. I don't know how or why!

Question: Repairing the Finish of a Dining Table

Is there a way to repair a dining room table that has a hot coffee pot burn that took the finish off down to the wood? It also feels uneven. My wife hid it from me and I wondered why she had put on the safety pad that came with the table. When I saw my beautiful table ruined I about cried! Please tell me that this can be fixed, and how do I fix it?

By Bob P.

Question: Repairing White Heat Stains on Furniture

Can white heat stains on furniture be repaired?

By Nancy

Question: Rubber Mat Left Ring Marks on Table

How do you get rid of marks left by a rubber place mat which had a hot drink put on it?

By Gillian from Smethwick West Midlands

Question: Table Mat Backing Melted on Table

I put hot dishes on what appeared to be cork-backed table mats and the heat has gone through and burnt the table plus left the backing attached to it. It is a wooden table, mahogany colour - now with a rough surface and burn mark.

By Lois S

Question: Hot Dish Left Burn Mark on Table

How can I remove a burn spot on my dining table, from placing a hot dish on it?

By Sherry

Question: White Marks on Wood Furniture

I bought a used cherry bureau with some areas of small splatter like marks on it. The finish is still shiny and bright; it almost looks like the spots are under the gloss. Any ideas on how to remedy this? I would hate to ruin the finish by using something to pumice it.

By Brie from Keene, NH

Question: Heat Marks on Painted Furniture

I have a very beautifully painted black chest of drawers. It has white marks on it from a steam iron. The paint is matte. How can I remove the white mark?

By Marie from South Africa

Solutions: Removing Heat Marks from Furniture

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Archive: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How do you remove white heat marks from furniture?

Nick from Jersey

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

I mixed mayonnaise and cigarette ash, and left it on about an hour. When I wiped it away the white heat ring was gone too. (03/12/2008)

By I need help

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

Rub with cigarette ash. (03/13/2008)

By Kings Kid

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

It sounds crazy, but if you use a medium hot iron on a clean white linen tea towel in circular motions this will take out the white heat marks. I was hesitant to try it on my oak table, but figured it looked bad with the marks, so what do I have to lose. It took the marks out beautifully and now my table looks like new. (03/14/2008)

By grammakim

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

I've used the mayo trick and the ash trick above both with great results. Leave mayo on overnight. (03/24/2008)

By artisticattorney

Archive: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How do I get white heat rings out of furniture?

By Wendyann from Albion Park, NSW Australia

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

I have found the best way to get rid of the white rings from heat or moisture on furniture. I have tried, with no luck, using mayonnaise, cigarette ashes, toothpaste, hot iron and towels. What I have found that works is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Dampen the eraser rub gently with the grain of the wood and then polishing as usual.

I happen to like Armor All as a furniture polish, if it's not a bad white mark the Magic Eraser will removed it completely, if it solid white you may have to do it several times. It may leave a bit of a ghost, but that's still better than having a big white mark.

This was not a bad one, you can see on the right it's gone. Now that I know how to fix them nobody's making them. (06/09/2009)


RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

Archive: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How can I get a heat spot out of furniture?

By Minnow from MN

Archive: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How do I safely remove white heat marks from a coffee table?

By Helen from Scotland

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

We have a dark stained wood table with a beautiful painted edging. I used a white bath towel and iron between medium and high. Didn't work until I switched to steam. Then it worked amazingly well. We had come to the conclusion we'd have to get a tablecloth to hide the hideous stain. Now it looks great! (06/21/2010)

By Jenns4x4pu

RE: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

Try a small amount of mayonnaise with a soft cloth, rub with grain. It worked on my sewing machine cabinet. Hope it works for you. (06/21/2010)

By Great Granny Vi

Archive: Heat Marks on Wood Furniture

How do I repair a white ring left from a hot cup being set on wood furniture?

By Sondra from NC