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Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

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I am looking for buy now pay later sights that don't request a credit card or credit check.

By Babs from KY


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By Deborah B.05/13/2012

Wards and Seventh Avenue have a buy now pay later plan.

By linda lush [67]12/02/2009

Check out LTDCommodities. I order almost all my Christmas stuff from them, and birthday items, too. Then pay later. They prefer payment in 10 days after you get it, but can be late.

By Anonymous [848]12/02/2009

I am concerned when people want to do this because you pay ultra premium dollars for merchandise and shipping that simply is dollar store cheap and sooner or later it will hurt your credit even if they don't do an initial credit check on you :-( Maybe you could find local items you're looking for that are of better quality on layaway or do without?

By Suntydt [75]12/02/2009

Found another site that looks like you might be able to get billed later . Not positive but it had a "PayLater" logo on it neaer the credit card logos when I made an order.

By Suntydt [75]12/01/2009 or a similar sight. try for some more places


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Archive: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

I'm wanting to start my Christmas Shopping early. Does anyone have any good sites to use that doesn't require a credit card or check credit. A buy or order now pay later. Thanks.

Courtney from Pembroke, NC

RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card (10/02/2008)


RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

I love using "Bill Me Later" to pay for things online. Multiple websites utilize this payment method, including and "Bill Me Later" is like an extended line of credit; they approve you, your account is charged and they send you a paper or email statement at the end of the month. So simple. Check out the stores "Bill Me Later" uses: (10/03/2008)

By Jessica

RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

Figi's is a great gift catalog. You are almost always given pre-approval for credit. I just purchased several items from them and I don't pay anything until February. (10/03/2008)

By Coll

RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

I love LTD buy now play later. You do need a business name. (10/03/2008)

By Randa

RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

You can buy a prepaid VISA card at any 7-11 store. You can load them with as much money as you'd like. But, a warning: read the fine print because they can "lose" money if you keep them too long. Some lose so much per month if not used and some cards can expire after one or two years. So read the fine print. By Cyinda

RE: Websites That Don't Require a Credit Card

LTD commodities does require a credit card and ABC distributing, Bill me later dot com checks your credit on the spot. If you have bad credit you will be turned down right then and there. Figis don't ask for your social security # if you apply online, but I applied online and got a letter saying they couldn't approve me for credit and I only tried to order one thing at a small price. (08/09/2009)

By cedrishia

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