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Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

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Go to a hardware store and purchase plastic stair protectors. Turn the protectors upside down with the little plastic tips are sticking up, and place on window sill.

Once your pet puts their paws on the little plastic pieces, they will soon realize that it makes them uncomfortable, and will stop using the windowsill to look out the window.

This works great and truly does save on windowsills.

By Cathy from Plainfield, IL


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By PeggyPeg11/10/2013

Yay! I found a solution. Yep, I tried many DIY ways to keep my wonderful Lab/Greyhound mix from scratching at the window base as I come home and leave every day. It's called Sillshield. Bought it here: I've had it now for a couple of weeks and it works great.

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

By Pixiedust7 [7]11/05/2012

Gee, I wouldn't want to be your pet! Cats especially love to look out the windows, if they're indoor only, as all cats should be. Why not cover the window sill with shelf liner or something similar that they can lie on?

By Kathy Klahn [3]09/21/2009

I agree with everyone else, why take one of the few joys they have away from them. Put a nice box, chair or ledge up for them. Let them look out the window!

By Malinda [3]09/19/2009

Our kitties are indoor kitties and they just love to look out the windows. We have padded shelves so they can lay and look out. I hope that at least they have one or two windows to look out of.

By Sandra Mercer [8]09/19/2009

Ahh! Couldn't you find a way to cover the windowsill without taking their piece of "outside " from them. Maybe tap a piece of styrofoam to the window sill?

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Archive: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

I have two Poms that are constantly scratching the front window sills when they get excited. Is there something I can buy to put on the windowsills for protection?

Shirley from Charleston, SC

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

They sell vinyl molding, sometimes called vinyl extrusion, in various widths and lengths and colors at any good hardware store. You could purchase desired lengths and transport it home and cut it to length with good tin snips or industrial shears and attach it to your window sill with small wood screws or "Command Adhesive Strips" sold at Wal Mart. The Command Strips are made so that you can remove it at a later date without damage to your mounting surface. This will protect your sill, protect your pets paws and can be replaced again if they start looking all scratched up. (01/05/2009)

By anatole

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

Would it work to put a small bench in front of the window? The poms could jump on it to look out the window. If they could see out, they shouldn't scratch on the sills. (01/08/2009)

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

Pet Smart, and I suppose other pet stores, have a product called Sticky Paws. It is a clear two sides sticky tape. Put this where they claw and guarantee it will stop. No harm to the animal or the sill. I have used it on my upholstered furniture and on window sills. I also used it on kitchen counter top edges to stop my cats from jumping up there. It is good stuff (01/08/2009)

By Lavonneann

Archive: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

What can I use on a bay window sill to protect it from scratches from my dog's nails. There has to be something out there. My local hardware store as no idea what vinyl moldings are, so that was a dead end. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

By cbar577329

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

How about a thin sheet (about 5 mm / 1/4") of clear perspex, plexiglass (whatever you call it)? The stuff is pretty tough and resistance to light scratches. But you can cut it with a fine toothed saw, the sort you use on metal.

You might even be able to scrounge some from a building site. (04/01/2009)

By alloydog

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

Maybe put some type of decorative carpet/rug on the sill using the rubber non-skid liner under the rug. I don't know the size of your dog but Glad Freezer Press n' Seal may protect the sill if it's a small dog. It's supposed to be heavier than normal plastic wrap. Maybe it can be doubled. Good luck. (04/03/2009)

By mkymlp

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

If you have a local Lowe's or Home Depot, they may have vinyl moldings. (04/03/2009)

By Maryeileen

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

Think the main thing is to stop pup from jumping up. Take a little Vicks on your finger and 'spot' it across the sill. Won't hurt the pup and none of the 31 dogs that I've had over the years liked it. I put it on the wooden corners of my couch [they liked to look out the window] and after the second time it got on their paws and they licked it, never had them up on the arms again. Use only a small amount [just enough that you can see it on your finger. (04/03/2009)

By JoanDogs

RE: Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches

Training is always best but keeping the pet's nails properly trimmed will virtually eliminate them scratching up your home.

Providing another way for the dog to see outside will also be helpful. if there's a low window or another spot where they can see out it would be easier to train them to go to the other spot to look out than to stop looking out altogether. (04/05/2009)

By dh8