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Can I get some helpful hints on how to kill briers that keep coming back time and time again even after pulling them up by the roots?

Hardiness Zone: 8b

Angie from Brooklet, GA



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By tammy carroll 4 3 01/21/2009

If they are growing back then you are not getting all the root. the root system of briars grows outward and can trail in different directions, take a hoe and dig in the direction the root is growing"this could be several feet" until you can no longer pull any more root. this may take a few diggings to find them all.i had the same problem, even now I can find one sneaking up and I have to attack quickly(ha ha), stay with it and you will be victorious!

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By Nelda 1 14 01/21/2009

I know how I got rid of mine wasn't exact the best thing to do for the environment, but....I mixed about a 1/2 bottle of Roundup with the same amound of Diesel and sprayed along my fence line after I cleared back the briar along the line. With the mixture in a sprayer you can control where you spray and it killed it all back and I'm not seeing any regrowth at all.

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By Marci (Guest Post) 01/22/2009

We bought a goat! But perhaps you're thinking of something less expensive and bothersome. <Grin>

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By Nance (Guest Post) 01/22/2009

I know what you mean, Angie - those whitish tubers with the spiny vines that grow up into everything and almost heart-shaped leaves! I asked a local arborist what could be done, and he said "Move!".
Good luck! Nance from Statesboro

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By kathleen (Guest Post) 01/22/2009

I killed some with stump killer. It will kill any plant you put it on. Good luck.

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By Linda 1 86 01/23/2009

I asked that on yahoo answers. Here is the answer I was given. Buy some cheep powdered laundry detergent.

The kind that has lye in it, and poor it on the area. Thy lye is suppose to kill the roots.When summer comes I guess that answer will be put to the test. Windgate

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By Chris 1 68 02/26/2009

Any systemic weed killer should do the trick. Systemic means that it will permeate the whole plant. You can ask at any hardware store and they will have one. You want to let it work it's magic on the plant and get to every part of it so don't pull the plant out, just let the poison get to the roots.

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By billsmith 09/13/2010

I have been successful with Roundup but only when the briers are putting out their new growth in the spring. And don't forget the soft new green shoots are very edible and are packed with vitamins. They taste like green beans.

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By booismycat 1 04/14/2011

The above mentioned solutions might work in certain areas but how would one go about killing off briars when they are growing in among bushes that you do not want to harm?

I have azaleas that are infested with briars. I am cutting the new growth off of those briars that I can reach and then taking a paper cup with straight bleach in which I stick the end of the clipped briar. I was told that bleach would kill the briars. It's somewhat difficult to crawl under the azaleas and impossible to dig up all the briars. I'm hoping that this bleach treatment will get absorbed to the root and rid my azaleas of these pesky vines.

Will post my findings as they progress.

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