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Dog Keeps Rubbing Against Furniture

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My dog rubs its body and butt against the bed and the couch.

Tony from Florida



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By Tony Kuhnen [1]11/12/2008

Thank you so much.
It is not a rectal thing. he does not scootch. he runs his body along the bead and couch almst moveing the bed. It may be dry skin. I have seen no fleas.
Thanx again.

By Kim Churchman [3]11/11/2008

Pinworms can cause that insane butt itch, and get hatched all over. Pinworms can be picked up by people too. That or the anal sac thing. My vet showed me how to do it and coached me on it once, and that was all it took to make me pay the groomer any price she wants, just for that service.

By Cathy [1]11/11/2008

My dog does the same thing this time of the year. When the furnace goes on she gets very dry itchy skin. Add a spoon full of sunflower oil to his food. Takes a couple of weeks to get into their system but it does help! You can also get some medicated shampoo and use it during his next bath, it helps too.

By anita [3]11/11/2008

Hi Tony, some dogs need the rectal sac cleaned. You might want to take him to the vet or the groomer (before it gets messy ;)

By April [170]11/11/2008

My guess is he is itching and trying to scratch. Have you checked him for fleas, mites and worms??

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