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Do Shih Tzu dogs shed?

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Do Shih Tzu dogs shed?

Rebecca from Louisville



Recent Answers

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By Mickey <3 Ginger [2]12/12/2014

I have a 1 year old Shih Tzu and he does not shed at all.

By michellecreamer01/18/2008

I have a 17 week old shih tzu and so far he does not shed. only when I brush him or if he scratches alot from dry skin and some might come out. thats the only time.And really be careful not to bathe too often.I bathe mine 1 time a week and sometimes I think its too often. Their skin is real dry.Use a well moist wash.Brush everyday son is allergic to dogs but we have had pudgy(our shih tzu and he hasnt been sick at all.I hear they are hypo allergenic. well, love and take care of your doggie....mine is spoiled rotten. hehe

By Cookie [2]01/03/2008

No They don't shed. I have two they do alot of things but shedding is not one

By (Guest Post)06/09/2007

my experience with a Shih Tzu is no shedding...we had multiple health concerns and in later life...major skin problems..however, he was SO sweet and smart that I would go through it all again if I could have him back. My husband said ours had all those health problems due to too much in breeding, we got him from a private breeder.
Good luck, start with the teeth when a very small puppy, we tried later in his life and could not do this, get them use to this early on. Mine did not have eye troubles, skin, ears, and stomach trouble for a period of 4 mths.

By Vicki (Guest Post)06/08/2007

No they do not..

By kathy06/08/2007

My Shih Tzu does not shed. Mine also is not as high maintance as Annabelles. Louie gets a bath once every 2 weeks and gets groomed (cut) once every two months. We keep his hair short so he doesn't need as much brushing either.

By edieparks (Guest Post)06/07/2007

I am a dog groomer.

They shed VERY very little. Mostly if they scratch it out.


By Annabelle (Guest Post)06/07/2007

They shed once from 8-10 months, its so they can loose their baby fur. They dont ever shed after that though, they are hypoallergenic doggies. :) I have a shih-tzu. The only thing with them is they are high maintence need to be bathed once a week, and they need to be brushed daily or their fur will knot. They are prone to gum disease as well so they cant have wet food, and their teeth need to be brushed daily. They need to have their eye goobers cleaned multiple times a day as well or they will get infections in their eyes from rubbing at them. They are cute little dogs though. :)

This is my shih-tzu, Venom.

RE: Do Shih Tzu dogs shed?

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