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Make Your Mechanics Hand Cleaner


Does anyone know how to make the GOOP mechanics use to clean their hands with?

Betty from Middletown, NY



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By linda (Guest Post) 03/10/2006 Flag

Don't know how to make the exact goop, but have had a lot of success with this-- first apply some inexpensive greasy lotion or oil to hands and rub in before washing; the lotion/oil will help loosen the grime so that it washes away easier. It might take more than one "lotion/soap" process--especially around cuticles. Using a brush is also helpful.

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By Jill (Guest Post) 03/12/2006 Flag

It isn't the soft Goop; but I mix finely grated soap with powdered borax to wash my hands with after gardening; and it does a really good job. You wet your hands, add some of the powder (I keep it in an old shaker jar) and scrub your hands together. The borax adds grit for abrasive cleaning. I have been shocked at some of the grime this can get off! I don't know if you could add borax to liquid soap without it dissolving?

Another solution, though one less popular, is hand-washing dishes! I have yet to see dirty hands come back out of the dishwater.

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By Renee (Guest Post) 03/20/2006 Flag

I used to work on cars and I would use liquid dishsoap and powdered laundry soap mixed together. Works great.

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By Trevor, Cape Town , South Africa (Guest Post) 11/29/2007 Flag

Mix equal parts of" sodium laurel ether sulphate with odorless kerosene.

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By Jim (Guest Post) 03/19/2008 Flag

To the man from South Africa -- please be more specific about quantities of each ingredient. Your formula is close to one used where I worked years ago. They used water, oxalic acid, and kerosene. Would you or anyone know the portions/quantities of each, and the mixing procedure? This was a top-grade hand soap for cleaning grease, carbon oil stains and tar, and it was water soluble.

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