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Gift Ideas For Boyfriend's Daughter


I need gift ideas for my boyfriend's daughter who is turning 21. I am searching for a special gift to give my boyfriend's daughter. I have not met her yet since she lives in another state. I only know her from what her dad tells me and from reading her travel blogs. She has traveled the world, comes from wealth, and has pretty much been raised as an only child. So, she doesn't want/need for too much.

What I do know about her is that she really loves traveling, art, and music. She is bright and literate. She has spent the summer studying abroad (I have read her travel blogs and seen the pictures she has taken there). She seems to be more of a "natural girl" not really a "girlie-girl" like my daughter. She surfs, sings in the church choir, and is nearly finished with college.

Since I don't know her all that well and I don't want to overstep my situation, I want something special but not overdone. Make sense? Even though I am usually all about sentimental and heartfelt treasures, I think I have to tread easily here. But, I was hoping to give her a little something more special than a gift card. Any ideas?

MDKat from Boise, ID



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By ginger (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag

How about a really nice leather journal? She might enjoy recording her travels in it.

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By Pricklypear (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag

Hi. How about a cookbook? Maybe some sort of cookbook with international recipes, or one of those cook-it-fast cookbooks for busy college students? It seems like people don't buy themselves cookbooks, and I know it may sounds old-fashioned, but I think older women ought to give younger women cookbooks. I am older now and I treasure those I was given; they inspired me to collect cookbooks, and to become a very good cook. Good luck!

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By jojo (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag

You've mentioned reading her travel blogs. How about a very nice journal and pen set for her to write in. Maybe you could find one that has spaces/sections for photographs or sketching?

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By Edith 9 38 07/28/2008 Flag

A frame or nice photo album would be nice for all her travel memories. A gift/gas card. The card that you buy can be special all in itself, to say something special to her.

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By carol 3 67 07/28/2008 Flag

how about a nice silver st christophers medal to protect her on her travels he is the patron saint of travellers, it wouldnt cost a huge amount, would be a very nice tasteful piece of jewellry and is slightly sentimental without being over the top and also gives a hint that u hope she will feel safe on her travels without being too overprotective ie u r concerned for her safety in a nice traditional way, its also a bit more personal than say a book or cd but not too personal such as a fashion necklace or a bracelet, you can also purchase sterling silver medals with an angel on them and with quotes on them, well u can in england lol

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 07/28/2008 Flag

Does she have all the Beach Boys albums yet? ("Let's go surfin' now/everybody's learnin'how/ come on a safari with me.")

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By Mary Lou 14 765 07/28/2008 Flag

How about a gift certificate to a camera store tucked inside a really nice travel journal and maybe a DVD of her favorite musician or group in concert or better yet, tickets to a live one?

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By Linda (Guest Post) 07/28/2008 Flag

My suggestion has nothing to do with travel, music, etc. For 4 or my 5 kids, (didn't think of the idea in time for the first one), I gave money, But! I gave 21 pennies, 21 nickels, 21 dimes, 21 quarters, and 21 half dollars. If I had enought money I would have gotten 21 silver dollars too. I taped each coin to the inside of a box, on bottom, sides and lid. They had to remove tape from the coins to spend them. Also, if you can think of a way to adapt this, for my brothers 50th anniversary, I got a gold gift bag, gold foil, gold 'Easter" grass, got all at the dollar type store. Then I got 50 silver dollars, wrapped and taped then individually in the foil. Put the grass in the bag, but every so often put in some wrapped coins. They had to search the bag to find all the coins. I thought it was funny in both situations, hope they did, too.

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By crystal wolfe 8 22 07/28/2008 Flag

How about explaining in the birthday card how much you have enjoyed reading about her travels and want her to share in your sons travel. Wrap and send a picture frame with pictures of your son on vacation at different ages. All girls love pictures of their boyfriends when they were young and goofy looking!!

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 07/28/2008 Flag

How about a gift card for photo services so some of her favorite travel photos can be printed into posters? She can email the photo in and get the result by mail. Give a poster frame and a card.

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By Jana 7 264 07/28/2008 Flag

There are some beautiful travel books out there as well as videos and DVDs. How about a book or video either of a location that she has already visited and enjoyed, or of someplace that she has yet to go, or has mentioned wanting to go in the future?

Also, you can buy international phone cards, so that she can always call home (cell phones don't work everywhere, but phone cards will work anywhere they have telephones!)

How about a nice cosmetic bag filled with travel sizes of toiletries -- shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, baby powder, lotion, sunscreen, cotton swabs, tissues, etc.

How about food items from a country that she loved? (Scottish Shortbread, English Marmalade, Japanese Wasabi....)

A CD or computer program to help her learn a new language. Or a phrase book for the language spoken in the next place that she wants to visit. Or a travel guide for that location.

Hope that these ideas are helpful. And good luck with your gift hunt.

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By Gail from Australia (Guest Post) 07/29/2008 Flag

How about writing her an ode. I do a lot of these for people and they are always treasured. If you would like I could help you with it or I could email you a sample of what I have written. The only cost involved is you buying a nice frame to put the ode in.

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By Sherry (Guest Post) 07/29/2008 Flag

I think a great idea would be to buy a kit for her to start scrapbooking. If you go to a specialty store that does scrapbook things, they can help you get everything she would need to start it. You could buy a basket and make a gift basket out of it. It can get pricey, but once you get the main things, you can go to dollar type stores and pick up things she can use such as stickers, or even to Wal-mart, they have papers, stamps, stickers, etc. She could have smaller scrapbooks for each trip she takes, or do a large one and just keep adding to it. IT would be something she could share with her children and grandchildren when she is older.

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By LRP (Guest Post) 07/29/2008 Flag

how about a scrapbook, so she can keep track of the places she's been. then when other occations come around you could send things like stickers, markers for journaling, etc.

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By Ideas For Gift (Guest Post) 08/11/2008 Flag

Hi, i think the better gift would be the some DVD's or any travel books. This will be more useful gift idea to her. ... s-gifts-candy-gift-cards-partys.html

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